arrow3greenCrystals, Grids, Colour & Sound Workshop – Golden Beach – 15 April 2018

On this day explore the ancient wisdom of crystals.  Many people ask me about The Liquid Crystal daily Facebook posts and have so many questions about the remedies and how they can help, because of this I have created this 1/2 day workshop for you to get a taste of experiencing and getting know the crystalline embrace.

We shall still be in the energy of the Full Moon (The Christ Full Moon) which is one of the most powerful and auspicious Moons in the year.  It certainly is one of the brightest and helps us to contact the aspect of love within.   It shall be powerful and empowering offering us the chance to really connect with our inner wisdom.

We shall begin with an informal chat where you get to ask some questions about the Liquid Crystals and the amazing benefits from taking the remedies.  Why I chose to work with them and the Atlantean connection we have with them.

Then we shall get into the nitty gritty of the workshop and delve deep within to energetically work with crystalline rays, colours and sound for personal growth, healing and access your inner healing and knowing.

We know that everything in the universe vibrates and when we know how to utilise vibration effectively you can shine your inner light and tap into any energy grids to connect, align and support your growth.

We shall look at and receive:

  • Colour healing techniques to change your vibration and heal.
  • Connect with the crystalline grids and devas for personal understanding of how to work with them and why you would.
  • How to work with crystalline rays for self and others, why choose a particular colour?
  • Receive a Transformation with Sound group sound bath which seems to wipe away stagnant energies the shall leave you feeling refreshed and purer.
  • Meditations and Activations to open your vision and faith.
  • Comprehensive manual.

Sunday 15th April 2017 – 1pm-4.30pm – Yummy Afternoon Tea provided. Only $80.  If you have Liquid Crystal Oracle cards bring them along and if you do not there shall be some here for purchase if you choose to work with them. (Bookings for the Oracle Cards is essential)






Working with coloured, crystals and sound opens us to a whole new vibratory level of self empowerment, healing and life.  When we work with the coloured ray as we shall be in this session there is a transmutation on your mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies, which allows an activation and enhancement of flow to take place.

It frees up your energy centres for greater clarity, balanced personal power and a deeper connection to self. You begin to see a change in your business and life. It is your solution to spend time for you, to receive immediate spiritual growth, align more with soul purpose, become more intuitive.

Together we shall experience sound, colour therapy, sacred geometry and an Ancient Mayan Meridian Technique that can be immediately utilised with your family or clients.  The use of colour and sound, when used with wisdom opens you to the sound and true essence of you.

When you knowhow to work with a ray your whole life changes, when you embody a crystal your whole life changes. We are here to be an embodiment of the Divine, having a balance of the rays, sounds, colours, vibrations and full spectrum of all that is, thus bringing in harmony and unison within.

Join me to:

  • Release outworn conditioning and programing and be your infinite power.
  • Energetically transform your Life – Forgive, Accept, Love to bring your dream into manifestation.
  • Easy to do Techniques and Exercises to enhance your intuition.
  • Meditation & Ancient Wisdom Secrets
  • Crystal Singing Bowls, Mantra & Sound
  • Embody the Coloured Flames and work with the Angelic.
  • Sacred Geometry & the Liquid Crystals
  • Connect Crystalline Grids within the Earth & the Etheric Counterpart
  • Includes a comprehensive manual
  • Morning tea provided please bring a vegetarian plate of food to share for lunch.
CALOUNDRA WORKSHOP – Sunday 29 April 2018- $120 10.30am-4.30pm


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arrow3green  TRANSFORMATION with SOUND USING YOUR VOICE TO EMPOWER, HEAL & PURIFY – Half Day WORKSHOP – Sunshine Coast – Sunday 8th April 2018 – 1pm – 3pm $70

This full day workshop is to empower you with the knowledge of consciously using sound to heal yourself and others. It opens you to the vibrations with in you that allows your voice to be a healing tool.  Tracey offers her gift of voice intonation, chant and musical instruments as a sound bath.

Everything you say creates a vibration and a form and when you use your voice in conscious collaboration with your heart to serve, miracles can take place.  This workshop is a hands on approach to you using your voice in a way beyond anything you have before and to receive.


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arrow3green EMPATHS, VISIONARIES, SEEKERS Awaken to Your Wisdom Within – WORKSHOP – 11am-2pm- Sunshine Coast $70

This half day workshop is your solution to personal Growth! Join Tracey Rhodes at Golden Beach.  It is designed to empower you to connect more fully with your inner wisdom and help to release the fear of separation.  Sometimes we all get caught up in feeling energies and situations that make us feel uncomfortable, I shall show you some techniques and tools empowering you, whilst helping to wipe away the fear.

You will be spiritually stronger with tools to help you to have less chance of being swayed by other peoples energies. You shall be more clear about your life’s purpose and help you to let go of outworn thoughts, emotions and old habits.  11am – 2pm.

  • Transform your Life – Forgive and Love
  • Easy to do Techniques and Exercises to open to your inner wisdom and vision
  • Emotional and Mental detox
  • Sound Bath
  • Crystal Singing Bowls, Sound & Mantra
  • Connect with Your Own Inner Wisdom
  • Tools to heal yourself and others
  • Meditation


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Do you need a weekend to yourself to be nurtured, loved and supported in a high vibrational retreat centre, high in the hinterlands of Maleny? This may be the last chance you get to take some time out before the Christmas rush!  Would you like to build deeper relationship within your inner most being, balancing your inner flame of wisdom, love and power and access to your own halls of wisdom, align the parts of self that have been lost or hidden? This is your gift and opportunity for self discovery, self mastery, deep inner peace to trust in your souls path.

Join me on this magical weekend for an opportunity to access deeper self discovery, self mastery, and a deep inner peace to trust in your souls path and create a new foundation and way of being.   Day Attendance with meals – $200.00.  Day Attendance bring your own morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea – $160.00


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