Welcome it is great to have you here I am so excited to hang out with you. Trust your ‘inner knowing’ to guide you to the service, product or adventure to embark.

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Crystalline Dance

Monthly Crystalline Dance session at Full Moon in Caloundra.

Private Sessions

Explore a Private Session with me, where we work together via FaceTime Skype.

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Full Moon Ceremony

Once a month you can enjoy a beautiful online Full Moon Ceremony in the comfort of your own home.


Reading to access your own hall of records to see your path more clearly phone session.

COMING SOON 6 week online course … “Freedom and the Immersion of You” Putting a Full Stop on 2020 and opening to 2021.

I invite you to explore a Private Session with me, where we work together via Facetime or Messenger.

Once a month you can enjoy a beautiful Full Moon Ceremony in the comfort of your own home or anywhere else you may be! Conducted in our Private Facebook Group, you can attend from a location that’s convenient for you.

When we work together you journey into the innermost parts of yourself for more discovery, transmutation and personal power in action. Whether you come on a Sacred Spiritual Retreat, attend a Workshop or have a Private Session, you are your activation champion, I am a guide to help offer you true access to your halls of wisdom, the akashic records and mastery of self by taking you to a place in time where you first created the situation.

This helps you to surrender and to trust in your soul’s path and all you face. It empowers you with the knowledge and understanding that all is well. Everything I do is on a vibrational level that works on all bodies, etherically, right down to the cells of the physical body and into your outer universe. I utilise intonation, musical instruments, light language and a myriad of techniques that helps to unravel what you are holding onto energetically. You access your deep inner peace, an inner ‘knowing’ by working with easy powerful tools that help you to integrate, assimilate, activate and balance all of you … there is no separation.

We call back any threads or parts of self that have been lost or hidden, from childhood, past lives or from being in a relationship that you have lost yourself within. This opens you to see your life more clearly and restore the understanding and acceptance of where you are and have been.

Training in a modern day Mystery School called The White Eagle Lodge since 1997 I have a pure connection to self with a clear understanding of how to work with the Divine, Absent and Contact Healing, working with colour, sacred geometry, astrology and calling upon the forces of light, Masters, Planetary Angels and Deva’s.

I work with the Earth, Crystalline Grids, Dance, Movement, Liquid Crystals, Starchild Remedies, Shadow Chaser Remedies and Liquid Tree Remedies. the strong connection we have with the Elements allows us to balance the elements within, so that you open more to the true essence of you. Everything we do is to remind you how to clearly access your own wisdom, love and power more. to show there is nothing to fear about being an Empath, a Starchild, a Rainbow Child or a Light Worker. Feeling is your super power … knowing is your birthright … loving is your gift to humanity and all life!

Remember there is no separation, the universe is faithfully mirroring back the vibration that you are inside, the good, the bad and the ugly … it is time to own all of it, accept all of it and consciously create your reality to live the life you want.

In a Private Session you feel lighter, brighter, more love and a deep inner peace. The exercises, techniques and remedies allow you to complete that which no longer serves, whilst opening the path to a new way of being and creating in your life.

Clients say they experience a newfound clarity, purity and faith in their life, along with a new level of trust and understanding that everything is in divine plan. You are held strongly in a pure loving safe space and taken to a time and space that you access and dissolve whatever is holding you back from a truly rewarding and purposeful life. Having the courage to face your greatest fears, opens you to the wisdom, love and power within and to transmute at the deepest level. Feel free to contact with any questions or services you may like more information on.


Crystalline DancePrivate Sessions
Crystalline Dance Caloundra
Private Session
Full Moon MeditationChanneled Reading
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Try out a Crystalline Dance Experience at Caloundra

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