Utilise Sound for Self Healing – Access Your Inner Wisdom –Self Purification – Self Empowerment!

Sound ENABLES YOU TO create and recreate at a cellular level!

Would you like to feel a deep inner peace, de-stress with sound and create a more fulfilling life by changing your vibration? Join me to re-connect to your inner voice.

This full day workshop is to empower you with the knowledge of consciously using sound to

heal yourself and others. It opens you to the vibrations with in you that allows your voice to be a healing tool. Everything you say creates a form and when you use your voice in conscious collaboration with your heart to serve miracles can take place. I

It is a hands on approach to using your voice and how to open to divine love and wisdom way beyond anything you have before. Just think of it when a child hurts themselves you say ‘It’s OK darling … it’s OK” in a gentle and nurturing voice because that is the vibration they need to feel peaceful and supported, or youTransform with Sound sing to them to calm them down.

Sound heals and when you know how to use it wisely you link to your original source of love, wisdom and power. So many people think you need to be able to sing to do this workshop that is so far from the truth what I share with you is how to open your heart and your throat to the purest love within your being and then how to sound forth the notes in service.


Oh wow Tracey thank you for your Workshop. What a wonderful I had during this workshop, I felt so happy, like I was full of little exciting effervescent bubbles; and then afterwards a feeling of lightness and freedom to enjoy life and move forward with courage into my future goals and dreams. I’m so excited and looking forward to your next one!!” Donna Quinn – Bella Donna Silver

Wow I was impressed with Tracey’s easy going, professional approach, laced with humour and down to earth common sense. As she demonstrated the different method – singing bowls, chanting, musical instruments of all kinds – total attention was given by all there.

The joint exercises undertaken were both enlightening and pertinent and entered into willingly by myself and the others present. Time absolutely flew by and all too soon the session ended with us wanting “more”! I can absolutely recommend this experience to anyone wishing to open their senses to the possibilities of “Sound Transformation” and all that it may bring into their lives. Wendy Davis – Melbourne Australia


Experience with Tracey

  • Sacred Chant – how and why the ancients have used chant
  • Mantra – is from Sanskrit “man” to think” and “tra” to liberate
  • Sound Blessing – receive a group transformation with sound blessing from musical instruments from around the world, intonation,chant, spiritual amplification through a spoken blessing and sound purification which will help to change the vibration within your whole being
  • Crystal Singing Bowls – raise your vibration and allow the sound from the bowls to gently massage and purify your heart mind
  • Infinitely Expansive Meditations – we will perform very deep, yet gentle meditations that will help to connect with your true shining self and the angels of sound. We will then expand in consciousness and send forth the blessing to all life (as you give so shall you receive). These meditation are suitable for those who are well versed and those new to meditation
  • Sounding Your Note – we will go into the very centre of your heart flame to touch your spark of the Divine … your spark of God and sound forth your individual note this you can use for self healing and the lighting of the flame for others
  • Sacred Dance as you move in a reverent way with the intention to create form, the essence and vibration helps to move any residual density which will in turn allow you to free your physical body and raise the vibration within your surroundings.
  • Working with Sound for Self-healing we will explore how to use sounds for self-healing. There are quick and easy ways to utilize sound to heal, physically, mentally and emotionally

Morning tea is be provided, please bring a vegetarian plate of food to share for lunch.