Transformation with Sound Workshop


Transformation with sound takes you on an inner journey of self discovery, change your vibration with meditations, activations, techniques and healing.   Open your voice so your true ‘you’ sounds forth gently easily and lovingly, open your heart and sound the true note of your soul!

Whether you can sing or not sing you can learn to sound your soul note and vibrate as you came here to vibrate, and in doing so heal thyself and others from just being you.   It has been believed that sound was used by Priests and Prestesses from ancient civilisations to create monoliths such as the Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Mayan Pyramids and many more throughout time.  When you consciously work with sound you can render matter to be weightless, by raising its vibration, hence changing at a cellular form.

This full day workshop at Caloundra is to empower you with the knowledge of consciously using sound to heal yourself and others. It opens you to the vibrations with in you that allows your voice to be a healing tool. Tracey showers her gift of voice intonation, chant and musical instruments as a sound bath and a healing tool in itself.

You know instinctively how to use your voice you do it when you are comforting a child, helping someone to feel better or to assert your authority.  Everything you say creates a vibration and a form and when you use your voice in conscious collaboration with your heart to serve, miracles can take place. This workshop is a hands on approach to you using your voice in a way beyond anything you have before.

During the day:
  • Receive a Sound Bath from intonation, crystal singing bowls and other instruments from Tracey Rhodes.
  • Work with Sound and Mantra (even if you can’t sing you can do mantras).
  • Connect with Your Own Inner Wisdom.
  • Amplify and open to your own inner voice.
  • Tools to heal yourself and others.
  • Meditation and Activations that will help to bring a new and loving vibration to your heart, mind, soul and cells.
Bring an instrument or two to partake in a group sound blessing.

COST $120.00 ~ 1pm-4pm

Afternoon Tea provided – please bring a plate of vegetarian food to share for lunch.