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Tracey’s highly interactive workshop you will help to show you how to uncover your true essence, open to love, and how to heal your emotional pain by using easy to use techniques and sound.

Do the memories of your past programming and past relationships leave you feeling empty and bewildered? Are you finding the same lessons and people end up disappointing you? Are your relationships are dissolving? Could you be contributing to this?

Did you know you can activate your pineal gland with one technique using your tongue? You can find patience by touching the tip of your middle finger and your thumb together. This workshop helps you to learn easy to do exercises to be more in alignment with how your body works.
Tracey uses sound and vibration during the workshop to amplify love, peace and harmony into your cellular structure, which helps you to change in vibration and live a more fulfilling, healthy and happy life.

A private healing session and partaking in this workshop will help you to let go of the conditioning from your parents and past relationships. It will help you to forgive others for not being the people you want them to be and to forgive yourself for things you have done.

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Tracey possesses a beautifully unique ability to bring forward enlightenment through spiritual wisdom and vibrational healing practices. She is a gift to the world, and through her work many people are being assisted whilst following their journey of unfolding inner truth. God bless you Tracey, as you bless us with your gift. NEIL MELDRUM – BRISBANE QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA

Life is happening for you not to you, so if you are at a crossroad feeling stuck, broken or lost all together, this workshop shall gift you more clarity and show you what YOU need to do to make it more fulfilling and access your own internal guidance.

Every exercise is designed to bring more love, happiness and peace into your life and open you to how you are feeling within. When you vibrate more in alignment with love you see a change in the relationship with yourself, your family, friends and in your workplace.

How you may ask? Everything in the universe has a vibration the rocks, plants and trees have a vibratory resonance, doing this session helps to change your vibration. When you change your vibration everything else will look and feel different … because you are.

What is really exciting is, as you change you allow the people around you the freedom to decide whether to change or not. You’ve heard the quote “Be what you want to see in the world” you have to live how you want to be treated.

You will learn techniques to empower yourself on all levels of your being. And your vision will be opened more fully to your souls path. Look at the Liquid Crystals and how they can help you evolve.

If you are already on your ‘souls path’ this workshop will open you vibrationally be more in alignment with it in a powerful way, releasing soul contracts and karma.

You know how someone comes into the room that is cranky and next thing you know you are cranky and goodness only knows what happens next? This workshop can show you how to stay in your power, speak your truth gently, for when you do this you are less likely to get cranky.

Powerful exercises to regain peace, no matter what is taking place in your life. You will learn techniques to stand in your power and l their ‘stuff’ as much (which is your stuff), whilst becoming more Spiritually empowered. You shall understand what it is that you do, that keeps this happening. It sounds fabulous doesn’t it?

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Don’t miss out on

  • Transforming your Life – Forgive and Love
  • Learning how to not take on the thoughts of others
  • Nurture and heal your inner child
  • Raise your vibration so you let go of fears and stress
  • Learning easy to do Techniques and Exercises that keeps you in your power, connect you to your inner wisdom and sets you free
  • Learn Mantra’s to balance and heal each of your 7 chakra’s with worksheet
  • Meditate like a pro even if you have had trouble meditating before Tracey shall show you how to do it easily
  • Professional Meditators take your meditation experience to a whole new and powerful level
  • Experiencing Crystal Singing Bowls & Transformation with Sound bath of musical instruments from all around the world, mantra, chant and intonation that leaves you in a elated and blissful state.
  • Wipes away all that vibrationally no longer serves.
  • Connect with Your Own Inner Wisdom in a renewed and amazing was
  • How to use words, chant and sound for self empowerment and healing
  • Experience the amazing properties and neurological changes that take place with pure grade doTERRA aromatherapy oils
  • Emotional and Mental detox now how good is that?
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