16th and 17th July 2016

The peace and over that exudes through the ether at the White Eagle Lodge is transformative and enlightening. Spend a weekend with me to transform your Life! This fully encompassing and loving weekend retreat in Witta Maleny is a gift far greater than anything you have given yourself before … it is the gift of vision, expansion, freedom and self love.

For things to change our vibration has to change or our understanding about our vibration. When we integrate and accept our shadow: the pain, sadness, anger, disappointments or failings in our relationships, we open to our miraculous healing power of acceptance.

It is time to no longer blame another or feel like a victim for you are the creator of your life. When you truly open to our own self worth and wisdom within, miracles take place.

During this weekend we shall address the internal pain from life’s journey but not from a counselling point of view but from an energetic point of view. Spending two days and amplifying your vibration in a true Modern Day Mystery School, helps you to align with the universe (within and outside) opening you to the magic and miracles your souls path has to offer.

Empower yourself, know who you are, connect to your own innate wisdom, and love like never before. The weekend is healing, rejuvenating, enlightening and strengthening, helping you to see your self worth, wipe away vibrational density & help you to FEEL COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED! Ready for an empowered and new way of being.


Nestled in the hinterlands of Witta Maleny is the White Eagle Lodge a powerfully sacred and Templefrontwebilluminating place of love and worship. It is a Modern Day Mystery School that has been built on sacred ground and made with love is white and circular in form.

All accommodation, exercises, meditations, sound healing and all meals are included.  There are single rooms and shared accommodation.


What shall you exerience?

  • Techniques for Empaths to stay grounded and in their physical bodies, empowering you with strength and valour.
  • Easy to do Techniques and Exercises to open more fully to your own inner wisdom, inner knowing and power.
  • Quick and easy morning and evening attunements that you can continue to perform when home. (Remember commitment and consistency is the key to a rewarding and fulfilling life!).
  • Meditations/ activations and healing for awakening and opening to your true essence of who you are.
  • Transform with Sound group sessions with six different Crystal Singing Bowls plus many more instruments, voice intonation and chant for healing.
  • Work on dissolving outworn soul lessons.
  • Techniques to heal yourself and others.
  • Emotional and Mental detox.
TWS Workshop

Arrive Saturday morning depart Sunday mid afternoon.

During the weekend your day shall look like this:
  • Morning Attunement and Exercise – 9am for 1 hour
  • Morning session – 11am meditation, talk and sharing
  • Half hour silent time to integrate the morning session
  • Lunch – 1pm
  • Afternoon Session – 3pm
  • Evening Attunement – 6pm
  • Evening Meal
  • Sunday 4pm departure

All sessions are by choice only if you choose to sleep in or forego one that is ok it is your weekend after all. During your alone time it is wonderful to walk through the temple grounds and around Witta for some fresh air and exercise. You can sleep or read from the White Eagle Library, maybe you shall choose to chat with like minded souls sharing your experiences and wisdom. However there is only one rule and that is simply to have fun.

Full Retreat – $555.00 – 16th and 17th July 2016

Day Attendance with meals – $200.00

Day Attendance bring your own morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea – $160.00