Full Moon 12th January at 22 ̊27′ Cancer at 10.34pm AEST.

Whoo hoo welcome to the first Full Moon of the year!  Wow she’ll be a doozy as there is 5 planets involved in a rare Cardinal Grand Cross. This full on influence is sure to usher in another wave of change, sending us in potentially new directions personally, culturally, politically and in other ways as well.

In astrology a cross aspect can be hard to bare, think of Jesus on the cross carrying the weight o the world up the shoulders.  There are four planets in disharmony all wanting to have their say.  This one shall be saying find the power within and do so by honouring and respecting all.

Plus Mercury has just gone forward so hopefully you have taken some time to shine the light on what you need to do to move forward on your journey, but leave action time for a few days yet.

This Grand Cross consists of:

  1. Moon in Cancer 22 degrees very happy placement flowing, homely, gentle and loving. To feel deeply (remember others are doing so as well so tread gently).
  2. Jupiter in Libra 22 degrees expansion through the balance of the scales do so wisely.  Find balance through grace and beauty, expand in consciousness with mindful purity.
  3. Pluto in Capricorn 17 degrees.  Pluto into the depths to find the Saturnic balance necessary to come into the light.
  4. The Sun 22 degrees Capricorn for with life don’t get stuck or stagnant, wilful or seeing this only as black or white.
  5. Uranus in Aries 20 degrees shines the light on what Pluto brings up.  Break free from constraints and honouring your own individuality.

This Grand Cross can get us off our bum and moving forward or freaking out stressed and in turmoil, it just depends where all these signs and planets lay in your chart and how far you have come spiritually.

To me it is giving us an opportunity to rebalance, align and adjust and move forward along purpose with precision, wisdom and love.  So I hope it works this way for us all.

The gift this Full Moon: Spiritually it may become clear what must be eliminated in your life in order to embrace a higher potential that fulfils the next phase of your soul’s work, purpose and evolution.

Go deep within to access your inner wisdom and the willpower needed to make the changes in your life that will further align you with your soul’s purpose.

Elizabeth Jones from “Astro Currents Monthly” says “Jupiter is a key player in this FM chart which will magnify the energies and significance of whatever is going on though it may also blow things up out of proportion. There is a volatility surrounding this FM and strong emotions/passions are likely to be unleashed as emotions are close to the surface.

The higher frequency brings a rare kind of celestial energy that greatly encourages and supports positive expansion in some area of your life by opening you to see what is truly possible. The key to accessing this is to stay mindful of the opportunities and openings that may appear … some you may not have considered before.

Other areas that get additional focus now are: Generational dynamics, your ancestral lineage, children and/or parents, integrity and honesty, morals and ethics”.

If situations are taking place and you are ready to address generational dynamics, contact me for a private session to help assist in the repatterining of generational and past life healing.  Bookings can be made not my website or via Facebook Private Messages.

Things to remember during this Full Moon

  1.  Be aware of being impatient or impulsive.
  2. Resist taking bold or rash actions that may require further consideration.
  3. With Jupiter involved watch out for dogmatic and rigid beliefs.
  4. Be aware of as the Sun is in Capricorn watch the erratic and eccentric nature of this FM by reminding you to be measured and mature in your own reactions and behaviors even if forces present make it a challenge to do so.
  5. Simply slowing down your reaction time is a key to handling whatever situation you’re faced with now.
  6. Be careful what you say and do if you hurt or upset someone it may come back to bight you on the ???


  1.  Reflect upon the agreements and commitments you have made. Are you honouring them?
  2. Are there some that you have fulfilled and could let go of to make room for new ones that are perhaps more important to you going forward?
  3. Be a mentor, guide or teacher.
  4. Do I honour the inner knowing that I already possess? Or do I ignore it at times?
  5. Get moving in the direction of your purpose more.
  6.  It almost screams ‘Go big or go home!’ type of energy.
  7. See how far you have come on the spiritual path this Moon will shake up all and show you where there is more to do.
  8. Find the power within.

This Full Moon is a doozy and it is up to you how it plays out for you.  Be mindful of all you say and do, what you vibrate and the thoughts behind your actions.

What to do to work with this gift:

  1. Try to take the time each day over the next four days to balance each of these aspects within you.
  2. Work with each of the planets in the cross configuration by working with their energies, feel each one within you and see how you feel as you do.
  3. Do this by talking to them: ask each planet involved what is it they ask of you?  Then be still and listen … you will hear a word, receive a vision or a feeling that tells you what vibration you need to connect with.  The energy of the Planet or the lesson you need to learn from the planetary aspect shall make itself known all you have to do is ask and wait.
  4. Or maybe if you are a reader you may choose to read up on the planets and what they offer you on your journey of life then feel how you relate to what they bring as a whole.
  5. Then the night of the Full Moon (Thursday) go outside barefoot and bath in her silvery/white blessing, breathe her in … become one with her and all she offers in harmony.
  6. Join me at Golden Beach for a Full Moon Meditation/Activation to align with this blessing and bring light to that which is ready to be known.  Click here to read more about the meditation at Golden Beach.

What ever you do know it is a time for conscious realisation of how you act and react at times of stress.  There is no right or wrong but each time aspects like these arise it is an opportunity to step into more.

Keep Shining Oprah Image

Love Tracey xxx

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