What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

For us to address that which no longer serves, is heavy or holding us in a state of confusion and separation we need to go within and balance and accept all of us.

So what happens when you are unsure of where you are going and what you are doing?

You run a story around and around in your head bringing it into physicality creating and illness if you leave it to run your show.

Well my friend you simply let go!  It is in the not knowing that true freedom comes in.  It is where you are in the space of silence and stillness (if you can get your mind into subservience) where all dreams, desires and failings just simply disappear.

You have the opportunity to come into alignment with your soul and your reason for being.

The New age or the Aquarian Age is about feeling and the emotions, no longer allowing the mind to take dominion nor another mind to have dominion over you.  When our mind has an agenda or it feels it need to protect you we loose our ability to feel our way through life?

To let go or release is not done by pushing something away or getting rid of energy.  But it is the opportunity to accept, feel, acknowledge and balance the attachment to the feeling of it.  And it is in the letting go of the attachment that surrender becomes real and tangible.

So how do you do this?

Let go, go within, and be still in body, emotions and mind.  Feel into the pain, sadness, betrayal, judgment, fear, separation, lack or scarcity.  By feel it I don’t mean get stuck in it, I mean to feel the emotion as much as you do the thought or the story from you and others.

Ask yourself what is it that I need to address?

Questions: May I dissolve the story and see the truth behind the emotion that I am not seeing, feeling or experiencing?

Then sit in the energy of it, not for days, weeks, years or decades but for as long as it takes to truly feel it and release it, hopefully minutes or hours.

Ask your animus (lower self) what is it you need to address?  Where is it housed in your body or bodies?   Pinpoint the exact spot the vibration is held.  Is there a word or sound that is needs to be spoken or are you just to feel your way into peace?  Ask these questions then let go of knowing with your mind and feel it with your heart.

Then bring the light from your spirit into the shadow aspect of you, your fear … Sit in it.  Send the light, which is love and acceptance through every cell, thought, and emotion, fear not with your mind but with your heart.

Send the light through your bodies: your etheric, emotional and mental, hold onto nothing.  Breathing all the while allowing the flow of movement with breath to unravel and release the attachment.

Surrender all attachment to an outcome, breathe … let go and be free.

Your life is in your hands no one and nothing has power over you, it is through surrender to your spirit that true healing takes place.  Don’t waste lifetimes; years or decades it is time to set yourself free right now!

To understand what is takining place with Mars in Scorpio I have shared an extract from – Elizabeth Jones Astocurrents Monthly

Mars is in Scorpio all month.

Mars www.telegraph.co.uk

This increases your capacity to go deep within and to delve below the surface.   Scorpio rules those things of an arcane and occult nature, taking you into the deepest depths of you and Mars here can forge ways for you to tap into these.  Mars is the warrior, leader and fearlessly goes forward to uncover what is needed at this time.

Mars “parallel” Saturn…what does it mean?

Mars has been retrograde since mid-April and during that time there was this deep, inner process running in the background of your psyche exploring what you truly want, need and desire at this point in your life.

It went direct on 29th of June and set the stage for these to begin to surface. Have you noticed that something is emerging now and it’s possibly going to change your life.

In July and August, some important questions come up in both direct and indirect ways, such as:

Did you find what you were looking for?
Did you get a look at some shiny possibility that you feel would bring you happiness or contentment or peace or maybe that would rekindle your passions?
For now it’s time to discover, or rediscover these very things.
In the weeks to come your task is to let these rise to the surface of your consciousness and then to place a greater focus on them…in essence to breathe life and bring light into the “treasures” that Mars helped to bring up from your subconscious in the last few weeks.

August brings a pretty intense aspect called Mars conjunct Saturn and because of the way it’s configured it will bring challenges as well as some big realizations that something’s going on here and that something’s gotta give.

This month, in July, there is a subtle yet potent ramping up happening of these energies (astrologically this is called “Mars and Saturn are parallel all month”. This suggests that the energies are starting to be felt but in less overt ways.

Those of you who are particularly sensitive may feel this as a low level anxiety, being overwhelmed at times and yet also sensing that something soulful and significant is trying to get your attention. This is indeed an important aspect of this influence…to bring breakthroughs and even profound insights to your awareness but this process has the potential to be quite disruptive as we

In July, during the “ramp up” phase, take note of anything that keeps popping into your mind as it.

Have a wonderful July dear ones, keep warm in Australia and shine like you have never shined before.

Much Love  Oprah Image


Amplify, Activate & Shine! 

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