We all know that 2016 has offered us some amazing gifts of completion, healing, awakening and enlightenment to a specific degree.   2017 is offering us a year of new beginnings, new visions, new loves and new creations that may fulfil your heart, mind and soul.

Thursday 29th December 2016 at 5.54pm is the New Moon in Capricorn.  Capricorn’s ruler is Saturn and helps us to ‘build’ into the physical realm a stronger foundation for the next cycle.

Whether it is a business, relationship with others or yourself you are being asked to ensure the foundation of your life is solid.  Change what is calling you to change, build on what is ready to grow and surrender that which is now outworn.

If you already have an established business or you are starting anew look at the foundational structure of it.  Where is it ready to be built upon so it may grow?  What can be let go of to ensure the foundation is sturdy and the walls can be erected straight and strong.

Take some time to listen and open to your souls voice that which is calling you to birth into this world.  How can you make a difference?  How can you serve better your tribe?

It doesn’t have be a grandiose plan where you single handed change the world, it could just be that you are here to shine love, peace and harmony to the world (which my friend will change the world).  Take the steps to consciously do this each day.

No longer hold onto the old world ways of seeing, being, reacting and creating.  Step through the portal into a new way of being and the Golden Age of Light, taking the ‘real’ you forward.

The next dimensional portal is open; which ever dimension, that is for you.  You must however accept all you have faced, been, seen, experienced and done for the guardian to grant access.

Saturn says ‘Learn your lessons well’ and as we have both the Sun and saturnserpent-storm the Moon in this sign (New Moon) we are being asked to do so NOW!  Blame no more, seek no more, delve no more just surrender to all that is and be YOU … the true you, that is both light and dark, masculine and feminine and let the SUN shine through you and into your world.

Visualisation/Meditation/Activation BRIDGE OF LIGHT Exercise:

Take 3 deep breaths and see before you a bridge of selenite white light.  As you walk across the bridge you are etherically illumined with selenite white light and you know just what to do to enter.

As you walk you are greeted by the guardian of the dimension you are about to leave and a mirror is placed before you.  As you gaze upon this mirror of truth you accept all you have experienced, seen and done, setting everyone and everything free.

The guardian asks you to sound the note of your soul to gain access to the next dimension.  Let your soul note be gently heard from your heart.  Breathe.

Write a symbol upon the ether and you shall be granted access to either the dimension you are in or the next one depending on where you are at this stage of your journey.

Worry not if you were granted access or not … take four steps forward and KNOW you are where you need to be right now.  As you look down you are hovering in a cloud of white light, supported, loved and nurtured, freed from the constraints of the past.

Open your heart and your mind – feel renewed and anew with all you are – allowing Spiritual Guidance to guide you as you step into the next stage of your journey.

Breathe more deeply integrating all you have received into the cells of your physical body through breath.

Do this excericse once a day for the next 3 days until January 1st 2017 and see where it takes you.



Thank you to each and everyone of you for joining me on the 2016 journey, for the love, support and joy you have shared.

May 2017 be the year we all begin anew and remember who we are and why we are here.

Much love, great strength and keep shining, Oprah Image

Love Tracey xxx

See you soon. x

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