Wow what a month this is going to be.

There are 4 important influences taking place this month, each one opens us up energetically to the next.
1. We have a New Moon Solar Eclipse this Wednesday the 9th
2. The Equinox on the 20th
3. The Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse on 23rd in Libra
4. Then Easter – on the 25th


The 2 eclipses are energetically preparing, aligning and leading us to the outpouring of light, which takes place at Easter.
The last time this eclipse formation took place was in February 1998. So take a moment to think about what was taking place in your life in February 1998.

Ask yourself
• What were you doing?
• Where were you living?
• Who were you with? How was the relationship?
• How are your relationships today?
• What opportunities did you have?
• What are you doing differently at this stage in your life?

This New Moon/Solar Eclipse is potent for several reasons,
• It may present special opportunities to bring important cycles to a close while embarking on new ones.

• You may receive important insights or pieces of information that are essential before you can move forward into the next cycle beginning at the equinox on the 20th.

• It is conjunct the South Node indicating that a karmic completion may be at hand, releasing old patterns and bringing you what you have been asking for this past year.

• There may be sadness or grief associated with this, but releasing the sadness can bring you what you truly want and need.
• These themes will remain in play for about the next six months until the next solar eclipse in September.

This month’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is on the 23rd March and shall help to bring your attention to areas where you’re ready to discover new things about yourself and those around you.

  • • It is occurring in the signs of Aries and Libra bringing extra emphasis to your relationships and partnerships.
    • It will be a time of potent change forging a pathway for you to break free of compulsive patterns.
    • It is asking us to be fully honest with ourselves and with others, but using diplomacy and tact while doing so.
    • There’s a kind of magic in the air this month so stay open to however that may manifest in your life!
    Some things to consider are:
    • Where were you when the solar year began last March 20th and where you are now?
    • What was your primary focus then and what is it now?
    • What do you need to let go of in order to move on?

At the time of the Full Moon if you are on the Sunshine Coast feel free to come to our Meditation Full Moon Lunar Eclipse around a Fire, Under the Stars with Sound.    Click here to see more


Easter’s gift is the resurrection or the Christing of the Soul.  It is the opportunity to be so filled with light that you are radiant and illumined.  It  demonstrates the power of the light within, and the ability to transfigure, transform & irradiate matter.

Eastertide is a celebration of life, an awakening from materiality into the beauty and wonder of spiritual life – not after death of the physical body but whilst we are still in the physical body.

It  is a time of sweet surrender to the light and beauty of the spirit; and with this surrender comes a great outpouring from the Sun.

At the time of Easter do take time to radiate the light within by going into the flame at your heart, feeling, seeing and knowing that within the flame is the essence of all creation.

Whilst feeling and building the warmth and love within, send forth the light to every particle of your being.  Send it to your physical, emotional and mental bodies, organs, and every cells.

Take the time to be still, silent and peaceful;, not just at Easter but every day.

Keep Shining  246crop

Love Tracey xxx 

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