Walking to Self


Teenage Young Woman Ceremony – Walking to Self

The transition period from 15 – 17 is a hard one.

Your body is telling you that you are grown up, your mind is demanding independence, your heart is yearning for love and your parents are saying you are still a child and can’t do things you think you should be able to do.

It is tricky time because there is more responsibility around the house as you are asked to help more. School is way more demanding and your friends are all going through the same thing, so there is fights, alienation, separation and fear. Your hormones well they are rampant; one minute happy, secure and very grown up like … the next a crying, ranting child who feels alone, not seen and unloved.

Most ancient cultures

Helped their children at certain ages to be initiated into the next stage of their journey as they step from one stage of childhood to another. This was an energetic blessing and preparation, as well as receiving physical gifts from the elements such as crystals, stones, shells, feathers to name a few.

The High Priestess would help them to step through the doorway to see their own special unique gift that was inside them awaiting enfoldment. They were taught exercises to handle their fear, anxiety and stress and how to respect their body and life. This is what we do with our initiations a releasing of the past and opening to the new with love for self and others.

My journey from 15 to 16 was exceptionally tricky. My parents had separated and going through a very nasty divorce, my sister needed me more; school was huge with exams and friends being nasty and changing in emotions on a daily basis.

The teachers were giving us more freedom to be adults and prepare for work or college but I still wanted to be guided because I everywhere else in the world I had to grow up quickly and take responsibility. It’s a tricky and confusing time. I wish I had more spiritual support at this time because it colours your whole life, how you perceive what goes on around you and how you create what takes place.

The following is an extract from an article ‘What a Shaman Sees in a Mental Hospital’ by Stephanie Marhon.  “In indigenous cultures all over the world, young people are initiated into adulthood when they reach a certain age. The lack of such initiation in the West is part of the crisis that people are in here, says Dr. Somé. He urges communities to bring together “the creative juices of people who have had this kind of experience, in an attempt to come up with some kind of an alternative ritual that would at least begin to put a dent in this kind of crisis.”

Tracey’s initiations are to help you:

  • Energetically to step over the threshold from a child to young adult.
  • Help to release the past childish ways of acting and open to a new way of empowerment.
  • Be open to a new way of speaking and creating your life.
  • Self respect and ‘body’ respect.
  • How to be firmly grounded in your body so you stay true to your own thoughts and don’t get caught up in the thoughts of others.
  • See your life through the eyes of your parents.
  • Handle the need for freedom.

How do we work?

The initiations are performed in a group of around six girls (individual initiations can be performed upon request). We meet at a sacred mountain in the Hinterlands of the Sunshine Coast, traverse to the waterfall, where a water blessing and initiation takes place.

We sit in a circle to share stories this to help:

  • Release past hurts.
  • Feelings of being left out when other siblings entered your life.
  • Help to dissolve the separation between you and your parents to help bring you all closer so that a new and renewed bond can take place.
  • Dissolve any feelings of separateness, separation and feelings of being lost, lonely and overwhelmed.

We then perform the Fire Initiation with sage and then the Air and Earth initiation where you release all that no longer serves and Tracey shares the gifts she see’s in you. She blesses and helps to anchor the sum of your next stage in your life so you are helped to feel supported, loved and nurtured as you step more fully into young adulthood.

Tracey uses sound, light language, colour, crystals, intonation, selenite swords and instruments as part of the initiation.

Contact to book your place next initiation. Destination shall be given at time of payment.


That was awesome!  I think every kid would love this.  I feel so strong and peaceful.  Thank you I’ll never forget it!  C.C ~ Brisbane Australia

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