Integrate the Real You ~ While the Lion Gate Portal is Open with FREE MP3 & Last call for India.

This time offers your great acceleration in integrating your souls purpose, light and path. Download my FREE MP3 and last chance to look at attending my Ayurveda India Retreat.

Lion Gate Portal & a New Cycle

What a magical time of year it is indeed.  I am sure you have heard of the Lion Gate Portal that began to open on the 26 July 2016, culminates on the 8th August 2016 and closes on the 12th August 2016.

This time offers your great acceleration in integrating your souls purpose, light and path.  You have the opportunity to access light codes, light pockets, messages you left for you before incarnation; to receive NOW, that shall help to propel you forward.

All that is that available to you now is a reawakening of you, the real you.  All you have to do is take the time to be still and go within.  Ask to enter the portal upon sleeping or when you are conscious and retrieve the information that is yours to bring back … Call it in, anchor it, allow it and be it.

Do not let outer distractions stop you from truly integrating more of you into your being.  Breathe and consciously integrate all that is necessary to fulfil your life at purpose at this time of your evolution.

You have everything within you, all the knowledge of the universe and your ‘knowing’ of your life’s purpose.  We now step into a new 8 year cycle, so be clear with your intentions and creations for they are real.

New beginnings are available in all areas of your life, open your arms, heart and spirit to them.  Accept all that you are here to do, be all you came here to be, no longer allow fear or old programming to hold you from your purpose.  Take your rightful place my friend and ‘BE who you came here to BE’.

As a gift at this special time I have a FREE MP3 called ‘Clear Quartz Temple of Purity’ click the link below my sign off to download.  And feel free to open my Ayurveda India trip link to have a look at coming to India with me this September.  There is roughly only 10 more days left to be in the safe zone to apply for your visa.

Ayurveda India Retreat Link

Keep Shining and much love to you.

Love Tracey 

Knowing Spirit, Soul & Earth!