Shadow Chaser

We try so hard to work with the Light that we sometimes forget that we have both the light and the dark within. We aspire to everything that is good aiming for purity in every aspect of our life, and this is a good thing. But there comes a time when we really need to address the denser aspects of our being. If the scales are not balanced we cannot find harmony.

When we are not balanced we create illness, depression, fear. Before we are born we have chosen a purpose, a higher purpose and a shadow to learn the ‘soul lessons’ we need to learn in this incarnation.

It is the shadow I would like to work with today. It comprises of six energies three female and three male … the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone … the Sage, the Father and the Warrior. To address the shadow aspect we will work with a series of seven crystals over a 21 day period. Once your shadow has been brought to light your purpose crystal is incorporated, to balance your shadow with your purpose.


This does not mean you turn into deep darkness it means you have the courage and support to gently sit in your shadow aspect for acceptance, love and understanding.

I found this to be a very nurturing and rewarding thing to experience.  I wasn’t fearful or dark, i found I no longer feared the things I was previously afraid of.  Energies that had long held me in fear, no longer had any hold.  I could see and feel only the good in all.

In doing this you balance the light and the dark within you and you are able to step forward on the middle path. This to me is the missing link to forward movement and acceptance and love of self.

The age old saying “Know Thyself” means know and accept all of you, not just the light, but the illness, pain, depression, anger … but don’t get caught in it, sit in it, feel it and then walk the middle way. Know who you are, who you came here to be … we came here to be our highest aspect and our densest aspect marred in harmony as one.

You shall know your shadow realm, the crystals involved in them, and what they mean to you moving forward. img_1654 fullsizeoutput_42db

Note if you wish to do your session to be on Skype or in person at Golden Beach, remedies can be posted.  Postage will need to be added.

If you would like to join me on this journey I look forward to serving you with great love and excitement … the time is now and I salute your courage to know all of you, be all of you and love all of you. <3

All remedies, picture below and teachings by Justin Moikeha Asar from the Liquid Crystals.

Session: $150 includes remedies and consultations.  Postage not included.

Additional charge if remedies are posted.





Artwork: Justin Moikeha Asar