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The Two Weeks of Christmas Energetic Top Up! FULL MOON ~ SOLSTICE ~ & CHRIST-MASS

Christmas is a crazy time with numerous parties, visitors, present buying and wrapping and tests taking time for ourselves can sometimes be forgotten about.  We have just  ventured from going deep within during the month of Scorpio to the outpouring of Light that is coming at the full Moon, Solstice and the Christmas festival of ‘The Birth Of the Light’.

For light to be birthed the shadow needs to be addressed and brought to the light for acceptance and love to shine and an easier road to be taken to forge ahead.  We need to remember to stay grounded, spiritually connected, open and ready to flow with what ever takes place in the world around us, meditation helps with this.

As we step through three weeks and varying energetic stages of Christmas the Full Moon and the Solstice we shall wind up and release the 2016 energies and open to 2017 with open hearts and arms.

Meditation has helped me to do this in every way possible.  It has helped me to feel spiritually strong and not feel energetically vulnerable, it has helped my connection to the Earth, the nature kingdom and ALL life for I ‘know’ there is no separation.

Book your place:

Wednesday 13.12.16 at 7.30pm – the Day of the Full Moon

Tuesday 20.12.16 – just before the Solstice and Christmas


Come on a vibrational 2 week journey with me to:  

arrow3green  Clear up and wipe away the dross of 2016 that you are ready to release and step into 2017 energetic blessing of the ‘1’ year.

arrow3green  Work with the blessing of the Gemini / Sagittarius Full moon of expansion and wisdom.

arrow3green  Solstice/Christmas blessing help to balance the heart flames and trinity of wisdom, love and power.

arrow3green  Open more fully to your inner wisdom, see with clarity and new vision for your life.

arrow3green  Access your inner truth and learn how to radiate more love, which ripples out to your world and returns multiplied.

arrow3green  Learn techniques you can use for the rest of your life for yourself and others.


PLUS you get to keep the recordings for ever!  If you can’t attend the live session DOWNLOAD IT  listen when it suits.

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Testimonial: This morning I listened to the ‘Forgiveness of Rose Quartz’ MP3 again, and had totally new experience with it. I have listened to it before, but for some reason it felt like I was listening to it for the first time today, went to a different place and heard different things this time and wow such a healing experience, so felt all the angels and devas around me at the end there, was sorry when it was time to come back. Had that flooding energy coming down over me and through me. What an incredible way to start my day!!  Donna Gold Coast

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With these meditations it helps to let go of anything that is energetically outworn opening us to a new way of being.  This once a week get-to-gether for 2 weeks only, gives you the strength and fortitude to move forward on your life’s journey with grace and ease. It helps to amplify and activate more of your own inner wisdom and open you to ‘knowing’ what you are to do, your next step and in alignment with your soul purpose.

They help you to bring back parts of self that have been lost or forgotten empowering you beyond comprehension.  The use of sound and musical instruments helps to wipe away what no longer serves and helps to open you to see with clarity.

And the best thing is with the is 3 week program you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home.

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How does it work?

Access to the live calls and recordings is really easy:

  1. You’ll receive a link half hour before the session.
  2. Click on it and you are in.  If it is your first time on Zoom you will have to sign onto the host site first by clicking the link then listen to the live event or the recording.
  3. Download the recording – click the link sent after the live call and save to your computer, listen whenever and as often as you choose … it really is that easy!

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Limited number of callers … so book now.

Come online for 5 minutes prior if you choose to have a chat, say hi and share how your week has been since the previous recording.

In every session I incorporate sound via voice, intonation, light language and musical instruments, which helps you to wipe away your vibrational density, so you feel lighter, brighter and more in control of the flow of your life.  The sessions helps you to still your mind and open to the power and wisdom of your spirit.

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Register NOW for your ‘gift to you’ this Christmas click add to cart below .

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Only $20 per week and receive recording immediately after session.


(limited to 25 people only)

Only $40 for the two sessions with recording download.


My gift is to open you to help reduce the feeling of separation, loneliness so you see yourself as spirit, this helps to empower you to no longer hold onto past testing, lack or scarcity. But help you to retreive lost parts of self from other lifetimes and from your childhood allowing you to feel whole, complete and more aligned with you you are and not what you have been told.

I hold the space you do the work, for you are your healer … I am a guide. These sessions are similar to what takes place during my private mentoring groups but without all of the other downloads and at a fraction of the price.

So here it is again, are you ready for another round of enlightened souls ready to join me online to recreate at a cellular and open to a new way of being.   Click add to cart to schedule your weekly journey with me. Direct Debit also available.

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Beloved Tracey, to me you are a real life angel living here on earth shinning your light so bright for all to follow if they choose.  Tracey’s light,amazing healing and her teachings of the spirit you will be transformed into knowing who you really are and why you are here on earth as a spirit as I have.  I have been working with Tracey for a few months now doing her weekly meditations, full moon meditations and private cellular healing sessions and I truly have been transformed on a cellular level and so much more.
Tracey does this in a very powerful yet gentle loving nuturing way that lets you take full responsibility of your thoughts feelings and actions. (Let me tell you Tracey also doesn’t let you get away with anything, she just does it in a loving way). For me I have been able to go back and heal past lives which are influencing my life now with such ease and grace also bringing forward the lessons I need to know now.
I am seeing my real self becoming clearer and clearer each week I am at Meditation working on what is right for me at the time so as I can be who I really am.   The space that Tracey has created for her meditation groups and her clients is so peaceful loving and beautiful. I look forward to visiting this sacred space each week.  Thank you with all my heart Tracey for teaching me so much. Deb – Buderium