Full Whammy

Your Ultimate Healing Extravaganza


The full whammy session can be performed in person or on Skype.  It is a vibrational extravaganza of sound, movement, perfume, amplifications and activations.  You are taken through easy to use techniques that you can utilise at anytime for yourself, family or clients.  This session is fantastic if you need to move from one vibratory state into another.  Whether you are feeling stuck, confused, at your deepest most vulnerable state, or you have already worked through a lot and know that something is missing and it is time to step more fully into who you are and why you are here.

It helps to activate, amplify and rejuvenate parts of yourself that have been lost or hidden that you need to connect with and bring into being for the next stage of your journey.

A full whammy is an extravaganza of vibrational re-patterning.  We work with sound, chant, liquid light language, generational healing, past life healing resulting in physical and some physical changes.

This is a journey of self discovery where you are guided to release the density within that is ready to be moved.  You are held in a safe, loving, high vibrational state and Tracey opens the doorways to parts of self so yo heal at a deep cellular level.

Clients always say they have never felt lighter, more aligned with themselves, peaceful, full of love and with a clear vision and understanding of what to do next.  It’s as if the cloud of uncertainty is lifted and a reassurance is replaced.

Receive in this session:

  • Transformation with Sound Bath during this session you will receive a sound bath of musical instruments, chant, mantra, intonation, light language which will cut to the core of your being helping to wipe away resistance and stagnation on many levels.  It shall leave you feeling peaceful, refreshed, renewed and alive with light and life.
  • Mayan Articulation Healing this is an ancient healing system performed by the Mayans working on the articulation points of the body.  Ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows, shoulders and spine. This type of healing works on many levels of your being not only the physical but also the etheric.  It helps with wiping away pain, opening you to a state of stillness that allows you to take the next step into the Full Whammy experience called ‘Intuitive Recalibration Session’.
  • Intuitive Recalibrating Session this is where we work on what is standing in the way of your own personal empowerment, where we dissolve what is stopping you vibrationally from moving forward. We address what is happening in the present, past life, generational healing utilising many techniques depending on what it is that you need to address.  You are held in a loving, safe space and we work on recalibrating the vibration that has hindered your forward progress throughout time, space and dimensions.  Working on a multi-dimensional level helps to address the original blueprint that was created by the original situation, but has been played out many times.
  • Mini card reading from a variety of decks and The Liquid Crystal Oracle deck which shall help to give you a clear understanding of where you are going next.  This quite often brings people to tears for they physically see an option in front of them and the next step.

When you book below please mention whether we shall work in person or on the Phone.  $188

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