Private Session in Person, Messenger or FaceTime

In a private session Tracey takes you through a myriad of techniques that helps you to let go of your inner pain, address unhealthy emotions and thoughts, dissolve outworn cellular memory throughout time and space.  This helps to raise your vibration allowing you to bring more love into your home, business and relationships.   You may also choose to access your own spiritual gifts.

Mini Session – $66

Full Session – $111


  • Peace of mind and a happiness leaves you feeling free
  • Greater clarity and vision for your life, setting you free from being stuck and boxed in by life
  • Release outworn thoughts and emotions allowing you to see your life in a happier and healthier way
  • Feel lighter, brighter and happier than ever before
  • Less chance of re-acting in an angry, negative way with those you love and or work with.
  • You accept the opposing vibration that is keeping you stuck and know how to feel better.

Testimonial ~ “Tracey’s connection with oneness leaves me in awe of what she is able to achieve. There has been much needed progress and growth for me since I have been attending her meditations and private sessions. I have experienced profound changes never before imagined. I am so honoured to have her initiations as a High Priestess of the highest calibre to be of service for me to step into my own God self with grace. She is truly a Healers Healer”.  Lisle Prior – Pelican Waters.

I feel like I have been searching for this all my life and I’ve got little tastes of it, but I just feel like I’ve come home, everything’s just going to be ok.  I feel lighter, peaceful and whole, thank you, thank you.  Cassandra Write – Hinterlands




Transformation with Sound

During this session you are empowered, cleansed and uplifted with a myriad of sounds, perfumes and movement.   Though intonation, chant, mantra and musical instruments you are taken on a journey of self discovery where you allow the sounds to wipe away vibrational density that is ready to dissolve.   You are held in a high vibrational, safe, loving space that helps to energetically clear your energy field so you open more fully to your truth, clarity and way forward.  Etheric repatterining takes place. Mini Session $66 Full Session $111 This performed in Person, on Skype or FaceTime worldwide.LearnMore-Light-Primary-24


The Full Whammy

Is freeing, blissful, uplifting and an enlightening.  it is a gift of sound, Light Language, Crystal Singing Bowls and Instrumental Cellular Repatterning.  Is it time to recalibrate and step froward on your path?  Do you need to open more to your true path and release that which has held you back?

The Full Whammy is a vibrational overhaul that helps to do just that.  Receive a card reading both The Liquid Crystals and other cards, sound bath, Transformative Exercises, Amplifications and Activations, a Mayan Articulation Healing and a free Liquid Crystal Remedy.

If you have been feeling stuck and unsure which way to turn or what to do next this helps you to shed some vibrational density that is holding onto past pains, hurts, lives, stress and fear. $188 Full Whammy can be performed in Person, on Skype or FaceTime worldwide.



Card Readings

I work with an array of cards which works on different parts of the body, dimension, emotions and thoughts.  Helping you to see and know your next step forward. What makes my readings different from other people is that I help you to access your own spiritual gifts by tapping into your own wisdom. I help to show you how to open your vision to your truth, and let go of what is stopping your from living the life you dream of.  Something you can use for the rest of your life.

We then see what is taking place now for you and how you can create the net stage more in alignment with what you need, want or desire.

These sessions are healing, informative, loving and full of the purest wisdom. Readings are performed in Person, on Skype or FaceTime worldwide.

Mini Sessions $66

Full Sessions $111