Sacred NZ

Sacred New Zealand Emanation Point Tour for “UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS” Dates to be advised

On our sacred journeys we access parts within ourselves that vibrate at the same aspect and ratio as these emanation points. Each place we travel to amplifies a different vibrational gift and blessing. New Zealand helps us to open to “Unity Consciousness”.  This land is asking us to be at one with all life, to know and be all we came here to be, to feel whole and complete and live on Earth as God-like beings.

In the teachings of Justin Moikeha Asar from The Liquid Crystals and Starchild Directives he says ‘NZ is the home of the records for the Children of the Law of One, once known as City 1 in Atlantis’.

This land as we know has had great hardship; earthquakes and disasters and this is one of the reason’s I feel we are being called to her. When we walk upon the earth we are bringing our essence to the lay line, our song, sound, note colour, vibration and life force.

The reason for this journey is to merge with the sacred blessing of the land, sing the song lines, retrieve any information left from prior incarnations, assist in the maintenance of the upkeep energetically of the land.

She is calling to us to bring harmony and balance within us and therefore send it out to her, to assist in the harmonization of the very land herself. We are being guided to walk along side the Deva’s, Angels, crystals and ancient wisdom that this land is offering we are being asked to feel into her womb and help her to birth a new structure to bring harmony to the land, waters and people.

I am calling six souls who have awoken or who are beginning to awaken and would like to join me on an inward and outward journey. This sacred land is calling to our ‘Earth Work’ she is calling to the Ancient Atlantean way of bringing harmony and balance to her through love and wisdom and as you give so your receive.

We shall have an opportunity to access more unification within by having an opportunity to touch the essence and feel the vibration of unity consciousness as we travel the terrain of the North and South Island.

We shall be travelling to ancient emanation points where we shall work with the grid lines song lines, be guided by the traditional ways to serve her waters and land.


New Zealand is a beautiful place you only have to see a picture of it to know that, but when you feel the land you know an ancient wisdom is buried within. You can feel it in your feet, in your heart and in your soul awakening that aspect within you. There is a sacredness and a reverence that is ‘unified’ and I certainly cannot help but feel good when I am there.

As there is division within, for much of humanity the ‘Land of Unity Consciousness’, is calling for support, let us walk together hand in hand and dance the songs of the Earth and send for the the unification of love throughout all life.

We shall work with meditation, activations, sound, colour, Earth walks, Moon baths and feeling within to bring harmony to ourselves and then to the land. As you give so you receive.

Vision is to amplify unity consciousness within in the land Travel to:

  • Sacred emanation points and
  • Hot springs
  • Glacier
  • Hike through mountains feeling the song lines and grids
  • Be guided by a Traditional Maori Elder as to their teachings
  • Moon Breathing
  • Unification Ceremony

Amplify and ‘know’ the feeling of unity within. There are sacred emanation points within the earth that hold a great amount of wisdom and vibrational outpouring for humanity to merge with and understand.


We are here to amplify the light within us and the land of NZ, to ensure the growth of the crystals and emanation points are uplifted for the starchild to continue to burn brightly. So they can go there to retrieve their information.

This group is open to six people only and those called will be energetically unified in consciousness and part of a soul group who are open to unify consciousness and ready to unify some area of their life.

New Zealand  is the last point before stepping off the tree of life into the next dimensional realm, so it holds great power for the highest point of the tree. There are many star children out there that need these emanation points and crystals and we are to activate within the feminine breath forth to continue.

Join me on this miraculous journey of unification within and without.  Contact Tracey to find out more.