Is your desire to travel to every continent of the world?

To touch the land, be cleansed by her waters, hear the stories the winds, be guided by the locals, become one with the pulsation of earth, whilst connecting to the crystalline structures, emanation points and ley lines and retrieve past life information that each place has to offer.

Bali with Kutut a& family copy

When we travel on my sacred tours it is not just a journey to a place, but a journey where you go within, heal very deeply,  kn ow the Earths blessings, expand in consciousness, change your vibration at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, and come more into alignment with who you are and why you are here.

Each country has a specific gift, vibration and soul lesson for us to connect with. This is why we are called to certain places, at certain times, to receive the blessing from the land, the oceans and the people.

Sometimes we are offered the knowledge of past lives in these places, where we have the opportunity to reconnect with individuals, release karma, retrieve our memories and anchor this knowledge/wisdom into conscious knowing.

In each tour Tracey offers a private session, prior to departure, to prepare you for your journey. And depending on the location and tour outcome there are daily group sessions, workshops and group offerings. Each participant contributes in their own way and a small list of essentials are given at the time of completion of payment as to what to bring.

These sessions consist of meditations, activations, sound, mantra, initiations, blessings, working with the Earth, crystalline structures, and emanation points. Helping you to reclaim and remember your soul gifts, amplifying your own wisdom, knowledge and love. A door is opened that enables you to retrieve whatever information you need and are ready for in this incarnation. I am your guide you are your healer and creator.

Together as a group we are drawn together on a soul mission to experience something that is available for our spiritual growth on many, many levels.

Please join me in 2020 on one of my sacred spiritual tours to India, Bali, Tibet, Hawaii and the Mayan Temples. Any questions please contact me here with the name of the retreat you are interested in.

AYURVEDA RETREAT – India – 2020 Dates Coming Soon

The Ultimate Spiritual and Holistic Healing experience 14 days in India.  Fly into Mumbai then onto Aurangabad to experience Buddhist, Hindu and Jian Caves dated up to 600 BC.  Sing through the Caves and experience the beauty of the locals.   From Maharashtra we travel to Kerala for your 10 day ‘personalised relaxation and rejuvenation Ayurvedic Extravaganza’.

Ayurveda is one of the oldest healing methods known to mankind, when you immerse yourself in a country and their healing modalities it becomes a part of you and helps you to remember past life embrace.  This journey is great for you if; you have been diagnosed with an illness, or just want to experience the amazing revitalising effects of the Ayurveda healing system, or explore through experience this ancient wisdom.


 Hawaiian Crystal & Lava Affair – 2020 Dates Coming Soon

In Hawaii we shall spend our time on the Big Island and Kauai to experience the energy of new Earth from the four Volcanoes on this Island. Connect with the crystalline structures of 3 of the most colourful and beautiful beaches … Black Sand Beach, Green Beach, White Beach, Rainbow Falls, Waipi’O Valley and the Hot Ponds.

This is a cultural trip focusing on changing your vibration and connecting to the new energies and life force within the Earth and local caretakers. Meditations, healing, activations, connect with the crystalline grids and structures within the Earth.  Photos from



Humble thank you to the very gifted and lovely Tracey Rhodes for the weekend’s beautiful healing retreat in a sublimely peaceful, hilltop setting overlooking valleys and charming gardens. I have much gratitude for your loving support.

Your amazing healing ability through the use of voice, singing bowls and assorted other instruments and guided visualisations seems as if from another world! Thank you for all your effort, inspiration, guidance and attention to every earthly detail. Yes the food was great too!  Lesley McDonald – Bli Bli 

Water Cleansing Blessing at Gardner Falls

These pictures are part of a water cleaning ceremony at Gardeners Falls with some very special souls.  Every retreat will have a ceremony from one or more of the elements depending on where we are in the world.  You may experience a water cleansing blessing, fire purification blessing, earth activation blessing or an air amplification blessing depending on the retreat.