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EARLY BIRD SPECIAL  – SAVE $499 AUD – 2018 Dates to be Advised

Rest, Heal, Rejuvenation and Integrate – 14 Nights- India -2018

Kerala is the magical home of Ayurveda. A sacred place that is gentle, feminine in nature and alive.  She calls to your soul when you are ready to experience an awakening of the senses, possibly remember a life in India or experience the Ancient Art of Ayurveda.

Please join me for a 10 day Ayurvedic healing vacation. Experience the ultimate ‘holistic healing’ experience in Kerala, India for 8 nights offering your personalised Ayurvedic Treatments!

This clarion call goes out to only 7 souls who are ready to delve into the healing gift that Ayurveda brings.   Daily yoga to revitalise the body.  Daily treatments of massage, doctors tinctures and treatments to help heal an illness, detox, turn back the ageing clock or to rejuvenate.

We shall join together to retrieve any past life knowledge you may have stored in India, expand in consciousness and connect on a very deep level with the sacred land, waters and people of Kerala.  Experience chant, mantra and sound healing daily.

As an added bonus Tracey offers a free private one-on-one session before traveling to your destination, which is to prepare you for your journey, redeemed on Skype.

This package is all inclusive of accommodation, group outings, Ayurveda treatments, internal travel in India and all meals.  


  • Inclusive individualised daily Ayurveda treatments, doctors appointments and medication whilst at the centre.
  • Daily one yoga sessions at the retreat centre except Sundays.
  • Daily morning walks around the local village, which truly is a delight with all the coloured houses and temples/churches.  The song of the morning bells and drums ring through the air as you walk the streets guided by one of the doctors.
  • All accommodation in Air-conditioned Rooms.
  • All inclusive group outings.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner from a pure vegetarian menu at the Ayurveda Centre.
  • One hour yoga day.
  • Consultation charges with Doctor.
  • One minor therapy session ( 15-45 minutes ) per day, depending on treatment.
  • One major therapy session ( 1 hour ) per day.
  • Internal medicines if any during the treatment.
  • A Cooking class for awareness on Ayurveda diet once during the stay.
  • A cultural event such as dance.


The additional inclusion for the group is:

  • Free transfers on arrival and departure from Cochin International Airport / Railway station. All taxes are included.
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Television in all Rooms
  • Cooking class for awareness on Ayurveda diet.
  • Local walks and shopping.
  • Spare time for you to explore, relax and be.
  • One private healing session with Tracey on Skype, prior to leaving your home to assist in preparation for your journey.


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What is Your Dosha? 

Prior to leaving the doctors shall need to know your medical history, body type and how you are feeling energetically, emotionally and mentally at the moment.  Whether you have an illness or you are after a ‘pick-me-up’ Ayurveda can help on so many levels.  This is not just a beautiful retreat centre but also a hospital that has over 25 years experience.

During your treatments with the Ayurvedic Doctor you identify your dosha type and ALL of your remedies, food and treatments are aligned with your dosha to help create a balanced, healthy state.  The remedies work on rectifying your gut imbalances, thus helping to balance your internal systems.

A dosha corresponds to our physical and personality traits, they are: vata, pitta and kapha, each of which represents two of the five universal elements (a combination of ether, air, fire, water, earth).

  • Vata Dosha — Energy that controls bodily functions associated with motion, including blood circulation, breathing, blinking, and your heartbeat.
  • Pitta Dosha — Energy that controls the body’s metabolic systems, including digestion, absorption, nutrition, and your body’s temperature.
  • Kapha Dosha — Energy that controls growth in the body. It supplies water to all body parts, moisturizes the skin, and maintains the immune system.

Combined with yoga and meditation you shall leave with a recipe for life!

Shirohara is one of the treatments you may receive and here’s what happens as the warm oil gently pours down your forehead:

  • Brain waves slow down and become more coherent– fewer Beta waves and more Alpha and Theta activity
  • There is an increase in Prana,as oxygen nutrients move toward the brain
  • Stabilizing receptors in the brain are allowed to work
  • The brain functions better
  • The mind becomes more stable
  • Ability to handle stressis improved
  • Connection is made with the limbic system that holds deep seated habits and desires
  • Unhealthy patterns become reprogrammable
  • Nadis (subtle energy channels) are activated
  • Purification of the bodyand all subtle energies including the chakra become possible
  • Spiritual progressis facilitated
  • Stillness helps the body recognize its needs, helping it work on the imbalances
  • Stresses are softened, disarmed and released
  • The receiver feels lighter and clearer
  • It takes the receiver to an unparalleled state of relaxationand inner silence as stress, trauma and tension is replaced by peace, calm and consciousness
  • Spontaneous healingis facilitated

Therein lies the magic of Shirodhara, the profound power of Ayurveda a gift that changes the way you feel, live and receive.

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The Centre is relaxing and beautiful.


Pricing for your Ayurveda Adventure
  • Includes all daily sessions with Tracey, plus a free private Session prior to departure.
  • All Ayurvedic Breakfast whilst at the centre.
  • Ayurvedic Lunches whilst at the centre.
  • Ayurvedic Dinner whilst at the centre.
  • Airport pick up and drop off.
  • All accommodation in air-conditioned rooms.
  • Tea or juice twice a day.


website divider2Shared Room at Retreat Centre – $3011 AUD 

All meals, all accommodation, outings, treatments and allocated sessions. Shared rooms when available.

Exclusive of international flights, travel insurance and Visas.

A payment of $600 as a deposit will secure your place. To receive early bird special full payment before 15.03.18.  Contact Tracey to book your room or pay your deposit.

Please Note: Final payment must be received 8 weeks prior to departure.  Visa’s are now able to be processed online and is much quicker but do allow 3 weeks to obtain so early booking is advised.  

A payment plan divided into 4 payments can be arranged if you do not wish to pay in full.  Please contact Tracey to get the details as how to book your spot.

Please Note: Cancellation will incur a $100 fee.  This retreat is to support your emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing program.  It is by no way to replace your current medical system.  If you have an illness it is suggested you seek continual service from your medical practitioner.  Tracey is not responsible for any consequences incurred by those partaking in these exercises and treatments at the retreat centre.  Any application of material and treatments is solely his/her responsibility.  You take full responsibility with your healing journey, Tracey is your guide.

The only other costs a guest would look at would be for laundry, on-discharge medicines and any optional extras (e.g. extra treatments, extra food & beverage, laboratory, personal hot spot, taxi for sightseeing/shopping, etc) he / she may choose to avail of.

Contact form below to ask questions and get the bank account details to pay your deposit.  Or email Tracey at info@traceyrhodes.com or call 0403 249 840.


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