Wow isn’t 2016 flying so far?  This weekend retreat is to help integrate the energies of the Equinox, Eclipses and Easter blessings.  Some have found it easy and some have found it quite testing indeed, this weekend will help to recharge your batteries and open you more vibrationally.

It shall help you to see your true worth, wipe away vibrational density and help you to FEEL TRANSFORMED!  Ready for an empowered and new way of being, seeing your life with more clarity a new way forward. Join me to build a deeper relationship with your intuition and receive techniques for empaths for greater spiritual and psychic growth.

Experience the amazing acoustics in the circular white temple from Tracey’s sound baths of crystal singing bowls, intonation, liquid light language and other instruments.  Feel the reverberation of sound, vibrating through to every cell of your being as the acoustics in the circular white temple amplify Tracey’s pure voice during the meditations/ activations and sound baths.

Balance your inner flame of wisdom, love and power and access to your own halls of wisdom. With the techniques and align the parts of self that have been lost or hidden?  This is your gift and opportunity for self discovery, self mastery, deep inner peace to trust in your souls path to create a new foundation for your life and way of being.

This weekend shall help you to feel nurtured, loved and supported in a high vibrational retreat centre, high in the hinterlands of Maleny?  Join me on this magical weekend for an opportunity to feel the sacred land that was part of the Aboriginal Bunya Nut festival a walking track that has been embarked upon for a very long time.

We shall hold our sessions in the circlular white temple right beside the retreat centre amongst the birds, trees, cows, wallabies and a myriad of other wide life.  Spend some alone time walking through the grounds, and chatting with like minded people.

Just being in the White Eagle Lodge helps you to find a deep inner peace and love that will flow out to your surroundings, when you arrive home.  It shall help you to open to your spiritual knowledge, wisdom and power so that you serve all life through love.

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Have you noticed we are continually given the opportunity to reset our lives and create from a new way of love?

When we vibrationally release or integrate the energy of what no longer serves the universe gives us more of what is in alignment with our purpose and reason for being.

Blame can no longer live and peace resides with a forward movement to love and manifesting joy.  You shall open more fully to the love within, aligning you more with your truth, your love and your wisdom.

Dissolving the old patterns of your soul lesson, releases the illusion of lack, opening you to the fullness of life and the freedom to create the life you choose to live.

You empower yourself, know who you are, connect to your own innate wisdom, and love your life where you have been and where you are going.  In facing your pain you open to your love and you shall see it flow into the world.

During the weekend we shall explore

  • Ways to help strengthen your aura so you no longer take on the energies of others when you work or live.
  • Techniques for Empaths to stay grounded and in their physical bodies, empowering you with strength and valor
  • Easy to do Techniques and Exercises to open more fully to your own inner wisdom, inner knowing and power
  • Quick and easy morning and evening attunements that you can continue to perform when  home.  (Remember commitment and consistency is the key to a rewarding and fulfilling life!)
  • Meditations for awakening and opening more to your true essence, accessing more peace, wisdom and power
  • Transform with Sound Bath group sessions
  • Vibrationally dissolving outworn stuff   
  • Techniques to heal yourself and others
  • Emotional and Mental detox

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The lodge is nestled in the hinterlands of Witta Maleny and is a powerfully sacred and illuminating place of love and worship. It is a high vibrational Modern Day Mystery School that has been built by master craftsmen and made with love.

The circular white temple is where we shall be meditating and experiencing a wide range of techniques, activations, sounds healing and blessings. The retreat centre is all loving, femininely beautiful, encompassing and each room has great views of either the valley or the cows in the dairy next door.

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The first time I walked into the lodge 18 years ago my soul cried out in joy and for the first time in my life I truly felt safe, loved, at peace and at home. 

For the first 10 years of my work within the lodge I found myself attending a 7 day retreat once a year as it assisted with my spiritual growth, grounding and understanding of spiritual law.  It truly is a healing and magic place.

Arrive Saturday 16th July 2016 for 9am start

Depart Sunday 17th July 2016 4pm

All meals are included

  • Saturday – morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner
  • Sunday – Breakfast, morning tea and lunch

Meals are freshly made, healthy and vegetarian. Any dietary requirements are to be mentioned at time of booking to ensure you are catered to.

During the weekend your day shall look like this:

  • Morning Attunement and Exercise The Tree of Light – 9.00am for 1 hour
  • Morning session – 11am meditation, talk and sharing
  • Half hour silent time to integrate the morning session before lunch
  • Lunch – 1pm
  • Afternoon Session – 3pm
  • Evening Attunement – 6pm
  • Evening Meal
  • Only $555 for an all inclusive package

All sessions are by choice only if you choose to sleep in or forego one that is ok it is your weekend after all.  During your alone time it is wonderful to walk through the temple grounds and around Witta for some fresh air and exercise.  You can sleep or read from the White Eagle Library, maybe you shall choose to chat with like minded souls sharing your experiences and wisdom. However there is only one rule and that is simply to have fun.

Maximum 10 people on the retreat so book your place.  $555.00AddToCartBlue

BOOKING CLOSES MONDAY 11th July for catering purposes.

Please note that there are limited number of single rooms available.  We shall endevour to fill your needs however first in.  You shall be notified at time of booking if the desired room configuration is available.  Do note that you shall be energetically aligned to each room therefore if you have to share a room I am sure it shall be quite compatible.

I look forward to seeing you at this magical place as you top up with spiritual love.TWS Workshop

Retreat-Centre-14-225x300 IMG_1095 IMG_1094 IMG_1093 IMG_1118 Witta. What do you see? Witta. What do you see? Witta. What do you see? Witta. What do you see? Witta. What do you see?