Join me at Eumundi Markets: Wednesday and Saturday in front of CWA Hall near the Food Court, beside the Bus Stop under the Trees.

All of Tracey’s sessions are channeled and full of love, laughter, wisdom and joy. She takes you on a journey within, so that you access your own halls of wisdom, akashic records and mastery of self. Whether you choose to come for a Reading, Egyptian Sound Healing, Selenite Sword Light Body Activation or a Liquid Crystal remedy you walk away with a deep peace and understanding of self that has never before been accessed.

If you are uncertain of your path forward, have relationship or family issues or are unsure about your job come for a session for to receive greater clarity and purpose. She helps to call back any parts of self that have been lost or hidden, from childhood, past lives or from being in a relationship that you have lost yourself within. This opens you to see your life more clearly and restore the understanding and acceptance of where you are and have been.

You shall find Tracey on the main road in front of The CWA Hall, nestled under the enfoldment of the majestic Eumundi trees. Come and put your name down when you arrive, just in case she’s got a few people already booked in and you can come back at the time you choose.

* Card Reading:Her readings are unlike anything you have experienced before as she brings through channeled wisdom for you to move forward in your life and receive answers to the unknown. With lots of laughter, sound, aromatherapy oils and light language is used to help you let go of what no longer serves and open you to what you desire.
* Sound Healing: Sound works at a cellular level and seems to wipe away stress, fear and uncertainty, empowering you with a deep peace, helping you to feel lighter. Working with Selenite Swords, The Egyptian Ankh, Instruments, Intonation and Light Language helps to set you free.
* Liquid Crystal / Starchild Directive Consultations: “The liquid Crystals (TLC) are geometric vibrational remedies made from the Earths Metals, Minerals and Crystals. They are change facilitators, healing Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and thus Physical imbalance. We as human beings are made up ofMinerals and the Energetic Geometric Structures, the Liquid Crystal Geometric structure helps us to align the original blue print from where we came and why we are here. This exchange affects the energy and physical bodies, creating an outward expression of Healing” by Justin Moikeha Asar.
* Liquid Tree Consultations: These remedies awaken us to more love, being the majestic guardians of the flame of Love. If you are having relationship issues with partners or family these remedies truly help to heal them.
* Light Language Sessions: These channeled sessions are known as the language of the soul, opening you to the soul language the is within you. You know the language but cannot express it in human words, you feel it with your heart, which feels as if it is wide open and at peace.
This is my old stall & layout!
Training in a modern day Mystery School called The White Eagle Lodge since 1998 she has a clear understanding of Absent and Contact Healing, working with colour, sacred geometry, astrology and calling upon the forces of light, Masters, Planetary Angels. She works with Deva’s, Crystalline Grids, the Liquid Crystals, Starchild Directive Remedies, Liquid Trees and Shadow Chaser Remedies. Tracey uses sound and light language for spiritual development and healing and is a practicing Selenite swords healer with Tom Ledder. She has studied under Doreen Virtue and won a scholarship with Janet Attwood in 2013. Everything we do is to change your vibration so you clearly access your inner wisdom, love and power.
Clients say they experience a newfound clarity, purity and faith in their life, along with a new level of trust and understanding that everything is in divine plan. You are held strongly in a pure loving safe space and taken to a time and space that you access and dissolve whatever is holding you back from a truly rewarding and purposeful life.  Tracey also offers Meditation CD’s. hope to see you soon.