Tree of Life Reading

 Tree of Life Layout

Tree of life Reading-3

“Is a detailed spiritual diagram that maps creation and all there is; it is the basic model from which many of our Spiritual and religious directions and ideas have originated. The tree has a strong association with Atlantis and the Devic. It is one of the oldest and most informative Tarot spreads”. Justin Moikeha Asar.

If you have a specific question, health issue or just want to see where you are right now, this spread helps to open you to a path of healing and way forward. We also perform techniques that help you to transmute the energies that are stopping you from moving forward or receiving what you are hoping for in your life.

We look at:

arrow4white The energy behind the issue or question.

arrow4white The form the issue takes.

arrow4whiteYour position in relation to the issue – your emotions, thinking and unconscious or subconscious.

arrow4white Your physical self, possessions or work.

arrow4white Outside influences – people or things working with you and against you.

arrow4whiteDefine your next action and the cause of the issue.

arrow4white Spiritual aspects and reason for personal growth.

arrow4white And your next pathway a possible future and next stage of life.