Liquid Crystals

TLC           Art work by Justin Moikeha Asar.  
Liquid Crystal Private Sessions are held in person or on FaceTime, Skype, Worldwide.

“The liquid Crystals (TLC) are geometric vibrational remedies made from the Earths Metals, Minerals and Crystals. They are change facilitators, healing Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and thus Physical imbalance.” by Justin Moikeha Asar.

I have been working with the Liquid Crystal cards since 2010 and love everything about them, in fact I work with the remedies and the cards on a daily basis, so that I live in harmony with what is taking place in my life. They truly are life changers and are ancient wisdom that has been offered to us from Atlantean times where they were utilised for spiritual growth.

“We as human beings are made up of Minerals and the Energetic Geometric Structures, the Liquid Crystal Geometric structure helps us to align the original blue print from where we came and why we are here. This exchange affects the energy and physical bodies, creating an outward expression of Healing”. Justin Moikeha Asar.




  • Receive your Liquid Crystal Name Trinity Reading.  This is your vibration at time of birth the sound the universe knows you by.
  • Learn about your Shadow Crystal (weakness in life).
  • Your Purpose Crystal (Goal you have Chosen, reason you are here).
  • Higher Purpose Crystal (Goal you have Chosen for you Higher Self this life).
  • Learn how to work with the positive and denser aspects of your purpose and shadow. Helping you to more fully understand your life’s lessons.
  • The consultation includes a myriad of energetic techniques that help you to vibrationally let go of what no longer serves and opens you to more to your inner wisdom, love and power.
  • Receive 1 x single liquid crystal remedy for free.
  • BonusAn additional 3 card Liquid Crystal Reading helping you to see where you are now and what is possible for you in the near future.

The Liquid Crystals are Organic, Natural and Holistic. As a vibrational therapy, TLC will not interfere in the action of any other medication or treatment and is perfect for the whole family.

Artwork by Justin Moikeha Asar

There are 77 crystal remedies that are change facilitators, healing Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and thus Physical imbalance.  At times I also incorporate one of the 13 Combination remedies such as Sharman, Clear Channel, Deep Sleep, Protection, Balance Align & Clear our Energise depending on the clients situation.


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Other TLC Consultations with Tracey

arrow3blue2   Starchild Session – children sessions to help your gifted child to cope with life whist being supported with a Liquid Crystal remedy.  $95
11 card Tree of Life Reading – $111 see where you are on the tree and how you can work with it for spiritual growth.LearnMore-Blue-Pill-16-150x36   via Skype or in person, plus one crystal remedy.
arrow3blue2   Full Whammy Session with cards, sound bath, transformative exercises and amplifications – $180 LearnMore-Blue-Pill-16-150x36   plus one free liquid crystal single remedy.
arrow3blue2   6 Monthly TLC Vibrational snapshot – $85  See what is happening over the next 6 months.LearnMore-Blue-Pill-16-150x36
arrow3blue2   Mini Liquid Crystal Reading – $66  Pick the Crystal you need to work with right now.LearnMore-Blue-Pill-16-150x36
arrow3blue2  SHADOW CHASERStep into the shadow aspect of self to know, love and accept all of you.  Enjoy this enveloping and nurturing journey … “Man/Woman know thyself and though shall know God and the Universe”.  – $180 inclusive of 7 x 10ml bottles of remedies.
Mini Readings
Shadow Chaser Series Crystals to help you to gently embrace your Shadow Self
More than just a Card Reading Swords, Sound and Light Language as you journey within to know your knowing
Full Whammy is the Full Whammy experience it all in one place at one time … Sheer Magic!
Starchild Session for Children of the Light who are suffering or in need of Support