Heart Breaking Open Through Surrender

When the walls are breaking down around you, not from chaos but in total surrender, you come to a place of inner stillness, peace and acceptance for all that is.

When the walls are breaking down around you, not from chaos but in total surrender, you come to a place of inner stillness, peace and acceptance for all that is.

You no longer need to hold onto anything or anyone, for you know at the deepest depths of your being, all you are here to do is to serve. Not just humanity but all creation, all life, throughout all time and space, to bring unity and unification back to an unbalanced heart and mind.

This may sound large, out-there or impossible but it is not my friend as it all starts with you. No longer hold onto that which has passed; no longer hold onto the part of you, you wish the world to see. Open you heart beyond comprehension, and as is breaks open in absolute surrender you simply allow yourself to be.

There comes a time in our lives where the veils of illusion are lifted and you stand raw in the rawness of love. There is nothing you can do but surrender and walk forward in humility, faith and love.

The tears you are crying are not of sadness, but of great peace and an inner joy.  The absolute gift of love has torn you wide open, not through pain … but in pure and absolute joy.

Breathe and surrender to the new breath that is within you and breathe it forth for humanity to unfold.  The illusion of the Piscean Age has lifted and the truth of the Aquarian Age is disclosed. Stand raw, bearing all of you without hesitation, for my friend you can hide no more.


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Over the coming days allow yourself time to be still and go within … breathe, feel surrender and be who you are.  Allow the shadow of your mind to slip through the veil so you may now see truly your one true path.  Then journey one step at a time in measured steps into the greta unknown.

This post was inspired by the picture I added below from a Facebook post that touched my heart greatly today.  It had left me weeping in surrender and pure joy for love.  This post that was written by Manly. P. Hall and posted by Justin Moikeha Asar and Ancient Knowledge.

It has unlocked a part of me that has been missing and I pray it shall do the same for you.    Although I have known the below words with my mind for 20 or so years, today I can say I truly ‘KNOW’ it, in the inner most being of my heart.


Posted by Ancient Knowledge & Justin Moikeha Asar
Posted by Ancient Knowledge & Justin Moikeha Asar


We have the wisdom of the universe within. It is time for us to remember and serve the greater good as in days gone by.
Travel to distant lands, reclaim your wisdom, open to all that is that is within. Surrender the the divine plan … Dissolve all fear and illusion .. And live as we once have … Gods in human form.  We can no longer ignore the deepest and greatest parts of ourselves it is time to do something different and take our rightful place in the scheme of humanities unfoldment.

As my heart is overflowing with love I would like to offer six private sessions either in person or on Skype from the 1st April to the 7th of April 2016 in the true spirit of service for $90 instead of $105.  If you would like to be one of the six please contact me at the contact link below with the discount code of “HEART WIDE OPEN” along with your telephone number and I shall call you to schedule your place.  Read more on my Private Sessions


   Keep Shining 

   All my Love,

   Tracey xxx



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