Hawaiian Crystal & Lava Affair – 2018 Dates To be Advised

In Hawaii we shall spend our time on the Big Island experiencing the energy of new Earth from the four Volcanoes on this Island. Connect with the crystalline structures of 3 of the most colourful and beautiful beaches … Black Sand Beach, Green Beach, White Beach, Rainbow Falls, Waipi’O Valley and the Hot Ponds.

Black sand beach is made of basalt and created from lava flowing into the ocean … new life in form. Papakolea Beach or ‘Peridiot Beach’, gets is name from the green glassy crystals (Olivine) Peridot that make up most of the sand on this beach. White Beach is made of inorganic sand quartz and other minerals.

Pop on over to Kauai to see some of the most beautiful places on Earth. Waimeia Canyon, waterfalls and and sacred land.

This is a cultural trip focusing on changing your vibration and connecting to the new energies and life force within the Earth. Meditations, healing, activations, connect with the crystalline grids and structures within the Earth. Photos from lovebigisland.com