This months Moon is in the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity and is one of the brightest Moons of the year. She is known as the Christ Full Moon and celebrates the anointing of the power of the spirit.  The actual FM is on Wednesday 30th May 2018 AEST 0.21am so our Full Moon Ceremony at Golden Beach will be on Tuesday at 6.15pm while the Moon is growing in light.
This kind of messed with my head because usually in May is Wesak but Wesak is when we have the Taurus Moon.
Next weeks Moon is in the Fire Sign of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and governing the celestial body. There comes an outpouring of spiritual power upon souls who withdraw into their innermost sanctuary and aspire to the quickening of the life force within and desire to be at one with the knowledge of the cosmos.
The gift of Mercury and Jupiter is a growing awareness of the powers of both light and darkness. Be aware of the thoughts that are whispering to you now are they real to you now or are they old leading to lack and scarcity and needed to be accepted and hence through acceptance dissolved and balanced.
The Great Archangels of these signs draw close asking us to arise in spirit and sound our true soul note.  Mercury’s Archangel is Raphael the angel of healing, ‘He who Heals’ and is mentioned in the Gospel of John, Book of Enoch, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  Raphael or ‘he who heals’ offers the grace of healing to all who open to this great beings blessing.  All that has eluded you may be seen, known and live within you in a flash, if you allow it.   Illness may dissolve through clear understanding of the power of Grace and acceptance of all.
Jupiter’s Archangel is Zadkiel the angel of ‘Mercy and Forgiveness’ asks you to forgive all especially self so that a new foundation for forward movement and expansion may take place.  Mercy and forgiveness is known through an open heart and expansion of consciousness through knowing you are part of the whole and never been separate.  Old memories dissolve and a new consciousness of compassion, mercy and grace is known. 
The blending of these two angels at this time ask us to allow your wisdom to be known within. Balance the old and the new, expand, heal and complete whats done with.  Love your light and shadow, blend the past, present and future as one open hearted gift called life.  All the while preparing us for the next outpouring of light at the Solstice.  
This is truly a magnificent moon blessing and to join in a group ceremony will align you all exponentially with these beings of light.
Be mindful of your nervous system and how busy or stale you are in movement both in the outer world and within.
Elizabeth Jones from Astocurrents monthly says:
  • Mars trines the Sun and sextiles the Moon bringing a dynamic and positive vibe to this FM that has the potential to make it easier to be open-minded, tolerant and accepting of our differences if we allow ourselves to tap into this energy.
  • This connection to Mars in Aquarius increases feelings of brotherly-sisterly love and may manifest in some tangible way.
  • Mercury trines Pluto in Earth signs which enhances curiosity and the spirit of inquiry. Now you won’t be satisfied with superficial answers or explanations.
  • A rare Grand trine in water signs between Venus in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces is a most benevolent influence increasing compassion, empathy and unconditional love which can assist you in gaining clarity about what it is you truly care about and that your soul is calling you to pursue. There is also a mystical vibe emanating from this aspect that increases your intuition and your capacity to connect with the inner realms, thereby accessing the truth of your higher self. This Grand trine also enhances and encourages all creative endeavors and projects.
  • Pay extra attention to any coincidences and synchronicities that take place as well as to your dreams and meditations as important messages may be seeking to get through to your conscious mind.
Questions to ask yourself now:
  • If I were to listen to my inner knowing what would it tell me?
  • What is the answer  to some challenge I’m facing that I’m not seeing?
  • Do I resist considering new options because it would take me in a new direction with unpredictable outcomes? If so, why?

So the gift of next weeks Full Moon is the opportunity to gain greater  clarity and or new insights into something that has thwarted your growth and forward movement. These new insights will liberate you from old patterns and ways of seeing yourself into a new way of being (if you choose).

Join me for our Full Moon Ceremony around a Fire, Under the Stars barefoot on the Earth with Sound, Selenite Swords, Crystal Singing Bowls, Drums and dance.

Tuesday 29th May 2018 at Golden Beach. ~ 6.15pm – 7.45pm ~ $20. Bookings essential.

So much love, peace and great strength to you.

Love Tracey xxx


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