This weeks Full Moon is on Wednesday at 8.57am and in the sign Capricorn at 27 degrees 40’.

The crystal of the day is Black Obsidian according to The Liquid Crystal Oracle book, which offers us the simple purpose of ‘True Self Reflection’.

What happens when we gaze upon a lake at the time of the Full Moon? A complete reflection of above and below can be seen. If the wind is still and the lake left untouched the reflection is in perfect symmetry and balance. If the wind is blowing there are ripples on the water showing a distorted vision of the picture.

This also happens within us if our mind (air) is unruly and blowing out of control the picture we are seeing is distorted. But when we our mind is still, calm and peaceful we can find clarity and peace.

This moons gift is showing us true self-reflection in our home/family life and work/career aspect of our being. It shall highlight anything that is out of balance asking you to truthfully assess what needs to change.

It shall help to expand your vision beyond the present and to see the long-range picture of your decisions and actions made at this time.

Cancer asks you to look at where you are standing (your home base) while Capricorn asks you to look at the direction you are headed. Hence, these two signs are very much about the road you are on.


So the day of the full moon as mentioned before falls on Black Obsidian ~ true self reflection, the following day after the Full Moon again from Justin Moikeha Asar and The Liquid Crystal Oracle book is Celestite and preparing for us to experience the energy of the next dimensional crystals that sing their song within the Earth only once a year.

I feel this Full Moon on the 20th July is very sacred in helping us to ‘know’  through true ‘self-reflection’ the changes we need to make to be on our correct path in relation to home/work life balance.

From the gift of Celestite (Knowing) on the 21st July the next four days offers us access to another perspective of accessing other dimensions and bringing them into reality. Then on the 25th of July we celebrate the Mayan Calendar ‘Day out of Time’.celestite

Those four days leading up to day out of time is ushered and helping us to live in purer way is Elestial Quartz (Angelic Truth), Dioptaise (The Healing Heart), Peach Calcite (Harmonize), Garnet (Manifestation of Purpose) and then the Mayan Day out of Time.

Day Out of Time

The day out of time is the Mayan New Year’s Eve it is the last day of the galactic year, meaning that of the 13 moons per year in a 28 day cycle, totals 364 days. The Gregorian calendar has 365 days so the 25th July is extremely sacred and timeless.

The Day Out of Time re-aligns the 13 Moon calendar to the solar year and offers us the opportunity to renew our appreciation for our inherent divinity and connection to nature.

The Mayan Kin says, “One Year equals to 365 days, the time it takes the Earth to orbit around the Sun. The cycle of the moon orbiting around the Earth is 28 days,

The 13 Moon Calendar is based on 13 moons of 28 even days per solar cycle + 1 day of transition (13×28 = 364+1). The 28 days per moon are divided in 4 weeks of 7 days each, giving 52 even weeks per year.

The original 13 moons x 28 days cycle was also used by the Egyptians (Thoth), Druids, Polynesians, Incas, some Native Americans and the Chinese”.

The day out of time represents the transition between the old and the New Year. As July 25 does not belong to any moon or week in the 13 Moon Calendar, this day is an opportunity to truly experience timelessness, our freedom of being alive. We are invited to reflect, meditate, practice forgiveness, and prepare ourselves for the new cycle.

Join me for meditation/activations this Full Moon to enhance the blessings of this sacred week.

As you well know each month we meditate at the time of the Full Moon outside around a fire, under the stars, with crystal singing bowls and sound at Golden Beach.Full Moon Meditation

This month’s Full Moon is extremely sacred and such a special gift.  If you would like to join us please contact Tracey as there are only a few seats left.

We shall address our inner journey thus far with true self reflection, helping us to know what to do and how to find greater balance, harmony and further our spiritual path with the knowing of what to do next.

I hope to see you this week click here to see more about our Full Moon Activations

Keep Shining 246crop

Much Love


Knowing Spirit, Soul & Earth!

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