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How awesome is it to be able to meet together from the safety of our own home. This Full Moon which has just passed and culminated at 12.34pm today, however it is still able to be felt and connected with a this time. The Libran Full Moon is ruled by Venus the Planet of Love, Beauty, The Arts and Music. It is shining a light on how harmonious we are within. It is highlighting our relationships, especially with family at the moment, asking for balance and harmony.

There are a few aspects of this Moon that may also be bringing up some stress, power struggles and fight for supremacy but ask yourself “No matter what is going on around me how do I really FEEL within me?” What can I do to be in harmony with me?

Let yourself feel all you have to feel … go into your shadow … Feel it … accept and love it ~ so the light of the Moon and your own love can bring balance and harmony to your world, no matter what is taking place around you.

Life is interesting as we navigate the new ways, we have all been asked to retreat and stay at home (worldwide) for our health and safety and so the world and humanity can have a breath and go within. The Full Moon is saying the same thing how awesome is that!

Take the opportunity to spend some time in the silence of your own heart lay on the grass, listen to the birds, dance in the rain. YES we have had rain here on the Sunshine Coast and I danced with my puppy this morning in it drinking in the rain drops on my skin and in my mouth. It was so refreshing and fun!

We have been prepared for these times of uncertainty so have faith in your self and the process. No one will be left behind we will either rise or pass. So not fear the unknown love and embrace it for when we step outside our comfort zone it can take us to a place where we never thought we could go. We can meet an aspect of ourselves that will allow a new life, a new gift, a new way of being, a new business or business idea, a legacy or new way of service to others.

Pop online to my FACEBOOK PAGE and listen to the FREE Full Moon Ceremony I recorded on Earth Elders and the Galactic Fire Summit. This is a beautiful gift from me to you. I also go live every month at the Full Moon so check that out on my page and here on the website if you wish to join.

So trust ~ Connect with Nature and the Elements ~ Surrender everyone and everything. And know you are safe. Tomorrow I shall share about when we pass and what I have seen and know to be true for me. Stay tuned.

Be your own Warrior of Light ~ Fight the battle within not with those around you and all will be well. Dance your way through life no matter what is taking place.

So much love to you, Keep Shining,


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