First Full Moon of 2018 in Cancer

Artwork by: maariusz.deviant
Can you feel the essence of this Full Moon culminating? Calling you to go within … to connect with your soul tribe, family or home.
We are experiencing great heat here on the Sunshine Coast it is as if ‘all’ is aligning for us to be still, swim in the Ocean (moon has great affect on the tides) and align to the call of the Feminine.
As a storm brews outside and the gentle rumble of thunder rolls in we are reminded of the changing of the guards, the need to be mindful of our emotions, as Uranus is getting ready to station direct and there are so many signs in the water element, emphasizing the emotions, feelings and impressions. Many may be ultra-sensitive and quite nostalgic to times that were easier, so stay well grounded.
Getting extra emphasis now are: Generational dynamics, ancestral lineage, children and/or parents, integrity and honesty, morals and ethics. Budgets, finances and security are also showing up for attention.
If you are feeling the call of the Moon feel free to join our Full Moon Ceremony this Tuesday evening at Golden Beach to dedicate some time to ushering in 2018.
There will be cleansing of fire and paperbark, water and tea tree, joining barefoot under the Moon around a fire and venturing through the portal of the paperbark trees.
Artwork by: maariusz.deviant
Artwork by: maariusz.deviant
We will be working with a Petrified Wood grid for past life embrace and bringing through Ancient Wisdom for our Modern day lives.
As the drums and other instruments begins, feel the song of light language, crystal singing bowls and intonation weave through you as the selenite swords dance and command a new way forward, with a remembrance and spiritual grace known. Ancient wisdom embraced, Akasha known and parts of self return.
Before you arrive if you choose, write that which you wish to release from 2017 and that which you wish to create or be for 2018 to throw in the fire. ~ You can also use a leaf or a twig to do the exact same thing, one to release and one to bring through, if you choose not to write it out.
6.45pm – 8.15pm
Bring some Water and a shawl just incase the ocean breeze picks up.
Drum if you choose.
Writing if you choose.
Hope to see you for our first FM Ceremony for 2018.
Bookings Essential as space is limited.
For some more information on this Moon, Elizabeth Jones says: There’s a Grand trine in the 3 water signs: Moon in Cancer, Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces is very positive in helping you to recognize and respond to your own emotional needs.
This potent water aspect also indicates that your intuition and subtle impressions are going to be more accurate and so worth noting. Be sure to look for symbols and messages in your dreams and especially upon waking on the 1st and the 2nd.
Neptune in Pisces is making several aspects which bring a surreal and very mystical energy to the air. Look for hidden meanings while paying attention to subtle shifts. This also enhances creativity.
There are four planets in pragmatic Capricorn reminding you to pay attention to the practical side of things as well as your intuition.
Happy New Year! 

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