Feminine Golden Dragon Breath Solstice Gathering

Join me at a secluded beach just before Sunrise in Ceremony to share your unique gifts, receive a personal short reading, blessing, meditation and activation of the Feminine Dragon Breath. A Petrified Wood portal shall be created with local Petrified Wood for past life embrace, for any information that is wanting to be known now for this incarnation. Anyone who has worked with me before knows everything is channelled and whatever is needed to come through on the day for the group collectively simply takes place.

  • Please bring something to place on our central alter and grid (crystal, flowers, leaves, rocks, sage, incense, candle, what ever you are drawn to share with the group.
  • All shall have an opportunity to share their wisdom and offering for the day, if you choose. A short reading, a song, a dance, a message, astrology, instruments or pulling of a card.
  • A beautiful Petrified Wood grid shall be prepared for past life embrace and a group soul gift amplification from within.
  • Tree of Life and Sun Breathing Exercise.
  • Individual personal channeled message.
21st December 2020 
Meet @ 4.44am to greet the Sunrise only $33 
Please bring your own water, fruit, towel or cushion if you want one.  Address shall  be given once booked. Only $33  2-3 hours   depending on numbers in attendance.