February Full Moon in Virgo

This weeks Full Moon is in Virgo at 1.55am Wednesday Brisbane time zone.  Our online Full moon Ceremony is on Tuesday evening at 7pm links below because of the manifestation quality of this Moon.

This Pisces/Virgo aspect offers an insight to what is taking place with our physical health and what we have to do to get it on track both physically and spiritually.  

The Moon also falls at 0 degrees Virgo which offers countless new beginnings ever so potent, with unlimited potentials and opportunities. 

There may be a change in direction, attitude or belief, offering a beautiful freedom and expansion of consciousness.  

There will be an opportunity for immediate and complete healing, although there always is, but this Moon amplifies the potency and efficiency to do so.

If you are experiencing an over active mind, over-thinking and repetitive negative core fears, allow them to integrate and be at home within you.  Dissolve ever so easily any form of separation for complete healing and freedom. 

Full Moon-selune-by-Isriana-deviantart
Full Moon-selune-by-Isriana-deviantart

Funnily enough they may be illusions (fears) from what seems like life-times ago, that you thought had been completed but are now raring their ugly head again, just remember you have this! 

Allow yourself to feel your fears, thoughts and emotions breathe and integrate the energy of them within, so they no longer lurk in the background and show up when you least expect it.

Pisces is both spiritual and illusional it just depends what is happening within

There is also an opportunity for unlimited potential and is a great Moon for manifestation being in the first decan.  So do this prior to the Full Moon itself, join us as we shall be working in this during the Online Ceremony. 

Get clear on what is important to you and begin to take action, listen to your intuition and go for what you want … balancing desire, vision with the blending of wisdom, intuition and practicality. 

This energy can create great fortune, status and honour however it can also offer scandal, downfall and disgrace, so be mindful of what you are creating.

Remember at this time slow, steady and attention to detail wins the race.  Resist being impulsive and don’t let go of something you may regret later … weigh everything you release with the feather of Maat. 

Keep Shining,

Love Tracey

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