Relationship Freeing

Freeing Ceremony to Come Back to Self

Being free from a relationship is hard, especially when children are involved there is always some form of connection or contact on some level.  My divorce/relationship freeing ceremonies came about because I was watching so many people calling to be free from their past and allow either a new relationship into their lives or simply to feel happy being with themselves.  Sometimes we hold on way too long to something outworn because of the energetic link between souls.

These ceremonies are designed to allow you to fill your own bubble and reclaim your power, not in an aggressive way but in a way that allows ‘love and acceptance of self’, the relationship and life.  I guide you on an internal journey in nature, remembering the true essence that you are.

Did you know that in ancient days an engagement ring was created to be given as an emulate to hold the woman until the man was ready to take her as a wife.  To bind her  energetically to him so she would not look for another.  The essence of this is still relevant today.  Even though not every man does this to bind you, but in essence it does.

These ceremonies are designed to help energetically feel free from your relationship whether it was a long term relationship or a marriage, they both have a hold that needs to be completed.  Can you imagine feeling free to think your own thoughts, feel your own emotions and not look over your shoulder wondering or in anticipation that something else may come of this.

Sometimes we hold onto the pain, suffering and hardship of the separation, wanting the relationship to change or go back to the way it was.  Maybe you haven’t grieved properly or he is still in your life and you can’t move on. Or maybe he hurt you so much the anger, rage and fury that is felt is hindering your forward movement and the forward movement of your children (if you have them).

During these ceremonies we work with realising the connection and keeping the lessons and learning so you have a better opportunity to call the next dear partner to you in your own time, who is aligned with you now.   You are taken on an inward journey into self, that helps you to energetically free the inner turmoil, psychic links, karmic debts and soul contracts that hold you both bound.


Tracey Rhodes is a beautiful caring soul who provided a space of love and openness for me to grieve and let go of pain I had been hanging on to. Her gentle nature soothingly nurtured me through the process and by the end I felt a freedom I haven’t had for years. Not only did Tracey assist my process on the day, she has also been in contact to ensure I am coming out the other side of the integration process. I can highly recommend Tracey as a healer and for guidance to give clarity. Deanne Stock ~ Sunshine Coast

I have felt my inner strength more than ever before. And have stood up for myself and also stood my ground when I have been challenged by family members and even at work. Have felt a deep sense of Calm on so many levels – since last weekend – although still stressed at times. I feel that the ceremony really did help to release a lot -And definitely to cut the cords!! Have been doing it quite a few times since – when I felt it necessary. Rebecca Crooks ~ Sunshine Coast

Thank you so much Tracey was very powerful!!! Put me in a good place as my ex was at my place when I arrived home….. Not nice – but I was able to stand in my power and tell him to leave.  Bec ~ Maroochydore Sunshine Coast

Individual & Group Ceremony by Request 

The best time for this Ceremony is at or as close to The New Moon.  New Moons are a time for new beginnings, planting new seeds for a new way of being to be created.  

The Ceremony can be performed Online or in Person at Golden Beach on the Sunshine Coast. 

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Either a GROUP CEREMONY or have an INDIVIDUAL PRIVATE SESSION at any time that suits you in person or on Skype.  Contact Tracey fill out a form below or feel free to call.

Photo Credit: Nat De-Force from H-ARt Space love your work. And thank you to the rain for the blessing on this day and taking us inside.


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