Crystalline Dance with is for women looking for a joyful, fun and enlightening way to exercise. We come together to create a new way of being and experience the sacredness of dance through inner exploration and movement.

These classes shall take place around the time of The Full Moon. We’ll have a quick connection to self and releasing of the day as the Sound Bath plays to align to our inner most being and the music.

At times you may find yourself wanting to whirl like the Whirling Dervishes, thump your hands and feet like the Vikings, spin ever so gently like the fairies, move consciously like the Druids, all the while creating colour and form with your hands, crystals and feet like the temple maidens. NEXT DANCE DAY ~ TO BE ADVISED ~ $20.

A snippet of a Sound Session preparing for our inner journey

We move from stillness to slow flowing movement, building the momentum and exuberance of the dance until we are enlivened, joyous and free … laughter and joy flood and fill our being freeing us to love, surrender and be.

After the crystalline dance of going within we shall put more uplifting and joyous songs on to have fun, laugh to raise heart rate, build muscle and activate bone density!

During our warm down we shall create a mandala to complete the internal shift and set intentions for the coming week, as we look over the adjoining lake .

Dance Hall Overlooking the Lake, Plants & Wildlife.

No matter what takes place with the music, YOU journey within, whilst moving a tired and tense body into freedom … listening and feeling intuitively how to move in the way it calls you to. There’s no right or wrong and the free flowing free moving dance allows you to feel free!

The beat and rhythm of each song, offers a new connection to the emotional aspect of self … the feeling self, helping to balance your thoughts and emotions, releasing tension and stress as the emersion of sound nourishes within opening you to more of you.

The form of the dance shall depend on the music, energy and focus of the day. Portals open for you to remember, integrate and emerge through. It is an expressive, free form dance that gets us out of our head and into our heart to journey deep within and feel our body and innermost.

Dancing to Oliver Shanti ~ Well Balanced Music ~ at The White Eagle Lodge in Maleny
Crystalline Dance Sneaky Share


The reason I call these sessions CRYSTALLINE DANCE is that the vision is for each participant to bring two crystals for the day to dance with, they do not need to be big and fancy just something that calls you on the day.

Slow Crystalline Dance before we put on some jiving, rocking, Native American Indian or different music to have fun.

What Crystals Can I work With?

You may choose to dance with Selenite Swords, Crystal Spheres, Crystal Wands, Andara’s or the humble Tumble Stone Crystal what ever you have and choose to work with. However please note: if you choose to work with a Sacred Geometrical Shape I ask you bring just one geometrical crystal shape and a single tumble stone or sphere for the other hand preferably in the same crystal family. Any questions on this please feel free to call.

A conscious dance takes place with the crystals and this is where the memories may begin to unfold. However not every dance will be with the crystals but there is a very important reason we are working with them that shall be revealed when you come to the class.

Then a brief period of time shall be given to continue to journey within to create your mandala for the week to remind you as you gaze upon it the freedom and expansion that was received.

Dancing is:

  • Great Fun and uplifting Exercise.
  • Great for activating Calcium deposit in bones.
  • Raise your heart rate, tone and build muscle.
  • Freeing and full of laughter.
  • You can feel a greater connection with the Earth and self.
  • Have an opportunity to release what your physically holding onto in your life.
  • Get to know yourself better by feeling into you, seeing what moves makes you feel happy, sad, embarrassed, fearful etc.
  • Feel the difference between working with the balls, rods, tumbles or swords. See how differently you move and feel what is asked of you as you create a form, colour and sound as you dance.
  • Create your sacred mandala each session to integrate the gift and blessing of the session.

Tracey’s Dance Journey

Tracey began dance when she was 5 years old learning classical, jazz, and tap right up until she was 16. She only needed to do one more exam to become a teacher, however the only teacher in town left and she was unable to continue training to complete her final exam and teaching certificate.

She has danced in countless competitions, school plays and traveled Australia in a Theatre Restaurant show in the 90’s singing, dancing and acting. She has danced and sung the lead role of Caberette. Dance, sound and movement has always been such an important part of her life and continues to be today. Come along, have fun and dance yourself into freedom.


At the Full Moon ~ NEXT DANCE TO BE ADVISED Belvista Meeting Place. 18 Lomond Crescent Caloundra West Caloundra. Duration: 1 hour Cost: $20 for a single class

What to Bring

  • Wear something comfy and free flowing.
  • Bring two crystals, rocks, selenite swords or andara’s. I shall have some for you to work with if you don’t own any.
  • Bring your own Water.
  • Scarf or sarong.
  • Smile and an open heart.
  • Yoga mat or cushions to sit on to create your mandala (there are chairs there if you don’t want to bring anything to sit on).
$20 for a Casual Class purchase below. Limited to 20 people