When you go through an initiation of sort you are tested to the limits where you have to face your deepest fear, your souls hardest lesson, or your minds most horrific thoughts.

When you are addressed with this kind of problem, allow yourself to not attack it with your mind and try to push the situation, person or energy away.  But come into your heart and allow all that is taking place to flow and move through you.  Hold onto nothing surrender to all that is and say, “May I handle this as a Master would handle this”

It always seems worse than it is because it is our shadow that we have to look at. And our shadow is something we all try to hide from because it makes us feel, see and experience things we don’t really want to.

As human beings we generally want life to be happy, peaceful, free flowing with a bit of fun, laughter and joy flowing through every day.  However it doesn’t quite happen like that.

As spiritual beings we have been taught that we are supposed to go the light, be the light, think aright, be love and ascension shall take place.  You must ignore all shadow, walk away from those who bring out our shadow because the fearful lower ego self says get them out of our lives because they are creating the disharmony.

However my friend it is you who is creating the disharmony for your own souls growth, by not accepting your shadow.

If you are being tested open your heart to experience the fullness of the situation.  Face the fear with open arms and walk forward knowing that through initiation there is growth, balance within your being and an enfolding of the acceptance of who you are.

We are made of every energy in the universe the light and the dark and until we can accept of this within ourselves we will create illness, betrayal, aggression, and fears.

Accept the one who mirrors your shadow and thank them with all of your heart for the lessons that shall bring you back home … back to you. The real you, that knows how to walk the middle path.

What is that worst thing that could happen to you?  Will you die from facing a fear or will you grow from it?  Yes it will be difficult at the time, but you have enough tools to feel the so called ‘yuckiness’ and come out the other side feeling great.

Tips to walk through the tests of your shadow:

  1. Breath allow the fear to move through you.  Breathe through your feet into the earth or through your head into the heavens.
  2. Know that it is only a test of resilience, to be the love you are being asked to be.
  3. Get out into nature walk barefoot on the ground.
  4. Go for a swim in the ocean where the blending of the Mother and Father is.  The Mother of the water and the Father of the cuboid salt. A balancing and cleansing effect takes place.  If you can’t go into he ocean have a sea salt bath or epsom salts or zeolite bath.
  5. Keep telling yourself this is only a test and you are never given more than you can cope with.
  6. Do not blame the others involved and do not hold onto the energy of it.  Breathe it through you so you accept it, acknowledge it and integrate it.
  7. See a practitioner that you trust who can work with you if you feel you need an energetic lift.
  8. Liquid Crystals are amazing change facilitators that geometrically help to change the blood, mind, emotions and physical.  Click here to read more

As you pass the initiation you rise up the spiral of life and feel more of the light that is within you.  You know how to help others who are going through the same situation.  You walk the middle way because the balance of the pendulum is more stable.

Remember all is well no matter what you face.  It is your reaction that makes it good or bad.

Oprah ImageKeep Shining,

Love Tracey xxx

Spirit, Soul & Earth



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