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When I was 24 I was really sick and diagnosed with pneumonia and pleurisy, ending up in hospital on a drip. I was in and out of consciousness for a week, vaguely remembering in my lucid state visitors, vomiting, medication and nurses.  pic

I remember going to a place that was dark and expansive, but it wasn’t scary, it was really peaceful, loving, gentle and powerful all at the same time. I felt really safe there as if I was loved so much and it felt so good. The only name I can think of to call this place is “The Void”.

I remember making a pact with a force way beyond my comprehension and saying out loud, “Ok I will go back and do what I came here to do”. Within a few hours I was conscious and out of hospital in 48 hours, it is amazing what happens when we say ‘yes’.

There wasn’t a shining bright light ahead of me there was more like an initiation of sort, a rededication to fulfilling my souls purpose on Earth, and changing the way I was living. thinking and being.

Of course I dabbled for the next 4 years before I completely dedicated myself to my path but heck I was still only 27. I knew there was so much more to life than what I was experiencing. I knew there was an emptiness inside me that could only be filled by following my spiritual aspirations.

I saw past lives and met people from those lives when it was time to address them. I saw what happens when someone passes away where they were taken and what happened for the next three days and I have been blessed with the power of sound for healing, activating and amplifying.

My roles to help rededicate yourself to your souls path.  You are held  to have the courage to accept your life warts and all and to meet your shadow; your hardest soul lesson.  The one you hold onto so strongly; you know the one that happens over and over and over, just with different people and in a slightly different way. The lesson that is your biggest test, your biggest fear, the one that is stopping you from truly loving unconditionally and living a fulfilling and rewarding life.

Empowering others to empower themselves is my life purpose, I share with you the wisdom and techniques that have worked in my life to have great happiness, purpose and joy.

Held in a loving, safe space, you open yourself to feel and trust you and to see who you really are. And in this safe space with exercises and activations you rededicate yourself to truly your life. In this state you have the opportunity to choose to forgive yourself and others whilst allowing your own love and wisdom to be felt even more than before.  I use voice purification, musical instruments and sound as well as hundreds of other techniques.

At 12 I was able to see and feel the energetic field of others, I found myself counselling adults in the Hotel/Motel my parent owned and in 1995 after my Grand Mother had passed away suddenly my soul longed for inner peace which is when I really began my work. The Spiritual Church was the first point of call where she performed on the ‘platform’ for several months.

In 1997 Tracey then came across a magical place which became her spiritual home “The White Eagle IMG_1637Lodge” in Maleny Queensland Australia. A modern day mystery school where Ancient and Modern Wisdom is shared joyously and lovingly, where her spiritual education really started.

Tracey has learned the art of meditation, absent healing, contact healing level I and II, Ancient Mystery School teachings in area’s such as astrology, sacred geometry, healing with perfume and the coloured rays.

Tracey has offered her time holding weekly meditations, ancient spiritual teachings, workshops and healing sessions since 2001, 7 years in Brisbane and 2 years in Melbourne for the White Eagle Lodge a non-profit organisation.

Tracey Rhodes is a Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Healer in both Contact and Absent Healing, Retreat Facilitator , Liquid Crystal Therapy  Practitioner Advanced, Starchild Directive Facilitator, Shadow Chaser Remedies, Radio Host, Sound Healer, Meditation CD Artist, Magazine Columnist, Stress Management Facilitator and Card Reader. She is a Liquid Crystal Practitioner possessing Level 1, 2 and Advanced qualifications.

She possesses myriad National and International credentials in Stress Management, Natural Medicine, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Healing and Thought Field Therapy TFT. Tracey is certified with the Australian College of Natural Medicine and maintains several certifications in Team Skills, Adult learning and Development, Customer Service and Customer Interaction. Tracey has also completed a Certificates in Workplace Training and Assessment and Business Management.

In her career, Tracey has directed and administered a large multinational franchised operation consisting of 10 business sites across Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Tracey has also been responsible for the Operations and Administration to Call Centres and Corporate Sales throughout Brisbane. She has owned and operated a couple of successful businesses over the past 17 years, providing Builders Finals in the 90′s and later Corporate Stress Management and now Cellular Healing.

Tracey’s meditation CD ‘Rejuvenate’ is a great seller with new age bookshops, gift stores, health rejuvenate-frontshops, online and Psychology practices all stocking her CD.

Tracey’s desire to heal at a cellular level by living correctly, being mindful of thoughts, releasing the past from all time, space and dimensions; through meditation, healing and service has been her life’s purpose and this site is to share her journey and tips with all.