2018 Solstice & Full Moon in Cancer

What an amazingly beautiful time of year it is! If you step back from the franticness of present buying and things to do you can feel the underlying peace and stillness that pervades all around.

Moon Goddess

What an amazingly beautiful time of year it is!  If you step back from the franticness of present buying and things to do you can feel the underlying peace and stillness that pervades all around.  

Tomorrow Saturday 22nd December we have the Solstice at 8.24am Brisbane Time and on Sunday 23rdDecember we have the Full Moon at 3.50am. 2018 Solstice & Full Moon Blessing.

These sacred configurations and heavenly blessings are working together in harmony singing so softly, gently building the light and life-forces within and around the Earth, Humanity and the Planets. Aligning us to the Birth of the Light … the coming of the Sun.

They are urging to us to:

Be still …  await the birth of the light.  

Alight the little lamp within you … be still … Breathe … and be. 

‘The Angels of the moon and Saturn are the planets that rule the Solstice signs.  They are angels of time and tide that powerfully govern humanities life in the physical body. 

Archangel Gabriel is at the head of the Angels of the Moon. They oversee the blessing of birth and Motherhood sending forth such a sweet gift to us all at this time.

The Angels of Saturn under Archangel Jophiel have the task of shaping and disciplining matter into perfect form, bringing law and order out of chaos.  Cutting away the debris of all that no longer serves.

The solstice mark the seasonal high and low water tides of natural life.  From the period of the 19thto the 23rdof the month the sun appears to stand still in its journey north or south of the equator depending on if it is the Winter or Summer Solstice.  It pauses for about three days before starting its journey back.  It is the time of stillness which gives the solstice its name-the standing still of the sun’.  Joan Hodgson ~ Planetary Harmonies.

Impacts of this Cancer Full Moon:

  • Generational dynamics, your ancestral lineage, children and/or parents, integrity and honesty, morals and ethics. Budgets, finances and security all get more emphasis now. 
  • There are five planets in water signs (including Chiron) emphasizing the need to honour your emotions, feelings and impressions. You may be ultra-sensitive and quite nostalgic and possibly a little weepy. 
  • Insights come to consider going in new directions or making a different choice. 
  • You realise something may need to released before you can embrace your dreams and wishes. 
  • Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius while squaring Neptune in Pisces. Mercury conjunct Jupiter is a positive influence and can bring in new hope and optimism. The message now might be: “Look to the horizon…see what is possible! And keep the faith!”
    There will also likely be a lot of information flying around and with the square to vague and nebulous Neptune some may be unfounded rumours while others may be true…your job is to discern which is which and to remember not to believe everything you hear. But overall this is a nice combo, especially for dreaming of a better future. 
  • Venus in Scorpio trining Neptune in Pisces elevates your compassion and caring nature. It is wonderful for close relationships as it can enhance deep connections while also adding a dose of mystery and intrigue to the mix. This aspect also enhances intuition as well as your devotional nature. What is unspoken can be most revealing…pay attention to the nuances. 

Higher/positive sides of this FM (and ways to attune to them): 

  • You gain clarity about how to create a better sense of security and order in your life. 
  • Your intuition is strong…so listen to the messages your higher self is giving you and follow the cosmic breadcrumbs!
  • Finding the balance between your emotional and physical needs can be found by honouring both, seeing how they are connected and relate to each other. 
  • Questions to ask that can help you to attune to the energies present at this time: 
    • What changes need to take place in (or regarding) my home in this coming year that will create greater peace of mind and bring a sense of stability to my life? 
    • Do I spend my time and energy on bringing myself greater emotional fulfilment? If not, what could I do to improve this? 
    • What single thing is most needed in my work/career that by doing “it” will create a greater sense of meaning and purpose as well as security in my life? 

Join me for our ONLINE Full Moon Ceremony this Sunday at 7pm as we complete 2018 and prepare for 2019. We are still strongly in the energy of the Solstice and Full Moon Embrace. During the session from your own home we shall hold each other in love, releasing all that no longer serves ever so gently, lovingly and effortlessly. Experience Crystal singing bowls, drum, Native American Flute, Light Language, Intonation, Meditation and Activations to dissolve outworn generational patterns, release and complete 2018 reclaiming self love and power. Then to energetically prepare for 2019.

FULL MOON CEREMONY: WHERE: In the comfort of your own home HOW: on a Private Facebook Page. ENERGY EXCHANGE: $8.88 PAYMENT LINK: https://paypal.me/traceyrhodes11

Christmas Dear and beloved Family see you in 2019.

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