Wow can you believe another month has nearly passed? Next week we have another Full Moon on Sunday 16th October 2016 at 3.24pm at 23 ̊ Aries. The Gift of this Full Moon is discovering where your life is out of balance, while also being given ‘keys’ to bring it back into balance.

Wow can you believe another month has nearly passed? Next week we have another Full Moon on Sunday 16th October 2016 at 3.24pm at 23 ̊ Aries.

I have always said being aware of the cycles of the moon empowers us to flow with life and helps us to understand the underlying effects of what is taking place energetically often at an unconscious level.

If we know what is going on around us we have a much better chance of working with the situation and not against them.

Its energy will be dynamic, so your emotions and feelings may be stronger and your reactions more immediate than usual. Keep in mind this will also be true for other people around you so be gentle with them and more accepting of their moods.

Something that has perplexed or confused you may now be revealed or discovered, showing you the way forward.

 Questions to consider that can help you to attune to the energies present at this time:

  1. Do you react from old belief patterns and ways of being or do you weigh the scales fairly when conflict arises conflicts and view the opposite viewpoints?
  2. Do you allow yourself to give and receive?
  3. Are you taking care of your own needs, desires and wants?
  4. Is it time to stand up for your self in some way?
  5. Do you allow others to support and nurture you?

Areas highlighted by this Full Moon is:

Relationships and partnerships: You could find yourself having conversations you wished you didn’t have to, as topics may arise in relation to the direction your relationships are going in.

The questions may be whether both parties are being honored, respected, supported and heard. Or maybe how safe you feel and how much freedom you both have to express freely inside and outside the relationship.

Situations like this may take a while to resolve, however the issues that arise are important and need to be addressed, so try not to discourage the conversation, have the courage to delve in and complete what ever needs to be addressed, lovingly and gently.

Awareness is often the 1st step towards resolution!

Some say there are two dicey aspects taking place now, I say there are two major opportunities to come in alignment with a couple of dicey aspects.

Mars is conjunct Pluto; which can bring discord and conflict if not kept in check. Being so intimately connected with the creative force, Pluto like Mars, gives a strong urge for self-expression, adventure and fresh enterprise. It gives courage, energy independence and drive.

Take stock of how you communicate this is not the time for fueling fires that are already present, that can lead to name calling, finger pointing and blame. Step into the higher aspect of the situation and resolve with dignity and wisdom.

Mars the planet of the leader, the warrior, and is an instrument of the solar fire brought into physical manifestation. Pluto is the doorkeeper of the mysterious gateway between two worlds between life and death … death and rebirth.

Pluto takes you into the deepest darkest depths of yourself to bring awareness to it and Mars gives you the courage to create and move forward in the physical plane.

If you work with the higher aspect of this conjunction you have an opportunity to understand on every level of your being the reason for it, to sit in it, feel it, then move your way through it … free from any attachment to it. A great mantra for this time is “I Will to will the will of God!”

Uranus is conjunct the Moon; which is erratic and unpredictable in nature. Given both these signs are nebulous and free flowing it is important that you stay grounded, centered and not over-react to what is taking place around you.

How you interact with people who have opposing views/opinions/stances is a potential issue now. The goal is to discover new ways of dealing with these kinds of situations by being mature, patient, and responsible even if those involved are not. Truly a chance to evolve and grow!

These two aspects are generating a lot of intense energy for sure. Plus Mars and Pluto are squaring Mercury, the planet that rules communication; so again take extra care with your words and especially your tone of voice.

Whenever Pluto is involved what resides in the subconscious may rise to the surface without you even being aware of it!  So strive to create harmony rather than conflict and seek to restore balance to some area of your life. This is your way to get through this period unscathed.

To make the most of this auspicious and sacred Full Moon and you are on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland please join me for our Full Moon Celebration Sound Bath around a Fire Under the Stars it shall be held at Golden Beach.

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Keep Shining,

Love Tracey xxx

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