Full Moon


We have now gone online with our Full Moon Ceremonies so we can
  • Touch more people worldwide
  • To keep an ongoing and ‘inexpensive’ connection with those who have met me at the Eumundi Markets
  • To serve those who have stumbled upon or been drawn to my website
  • Know our vibration and align with the Ancient Ones and Sacred Energies present at the Moon
These beautiful enlightening, uplifting, joyous and loving ceremonies happen at the time of the FULL MOON and you listen in the comfort of your own home at a time that is suitable for you.  Each Full Moon ask us to go within and feel what is happening in and around us so we stay on point with our life and flow.
It is a time of ‘healing’ and ‘illumination’ as the Sun shines it’s light onto the Moon … and she is receptive, allowing the light, or shall I say love to enter her.  This is what we are asked to do at these times to connect with our own healing, energy and lessons that each month provides.
We journey within as we embark on an alchemical journey, brining NEW to our lives whilst working with the blessing of the Feminine.  We find harmony by working with the silvery/white gentleness of the Moon and  Divine Feminine that  calls your soul to arise.
Be moved by the sounds of the drums as you sit in the comfort of your own home as the densest parts of self dissolve and make way for the sound of the heart to shine forth accompanied by the song of the crystal singing bowls, light language, intonation and a myriad of other instruments.
Each month we align and work with the vibrational gift, coming under a different astrological sign, which offers a different lesson, blessing, connection to self, the Earth and to heavenly influences.

Join our Online Full Moon Ceremony on a Private Facebook Page when we go live at 7pm or listen to the recording anytime and as often as you choose.


How it works:

  • Friend me on Facebook at  www.facebook.com/tracey.rhodes1
  • Pay: $8.88 on link below for 1 month
  • I’ll add you to the Private Facebook Page
  • I go ‘LIVE’ at 7pm however you can ‘listen live’ or listen to the ‘recording’ at a time that is suitable for you and as often as you choose within that month. After 2 months that recording is taken down to make way for the next one.
It’s that easy!

Date for the last 2018 Full Moon ceremony is:

December 23rd Sunday @ 7pm – Actual Full Moon time- 4.50am




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Teenage Young Woman Walking Back to Self Ceremony