Full Moon

Monthly Full Moon Ceremonies

Journey within as we embark on an alchemical journey, energetically balancing the energies of the Full Moon and Earth blessing of the Feminine.  Be still and allow the light and shadow with to find harmony with the Light.  Bare foot upon the Earth, under the stars,  your whole being is being kissed by the silvery/white gentleness of the Moon and the Stars and the Divine Feminine and all that you are calls to your soul to arise … take your rightful place.
You are guided in an intergalactic meditation/activation honouring the Divine Feminine.  Then we go within the Earth to honour the Earthly Feminine Power opening to her nurturing, healing breath, power and life-force. Balancing both the feminine and masculine (Moon and Sun) and resetting for the next stage of your life.  Connect to the Mother like never before as we spend time realizing and birthing the new. Open to the ‘Sacred Selenite Sword Light Body Activation’ in the portal of the Paperbark Trees as we are entombed in the womb of the Mother.
Be moved by the sounds of the drums as we sit around the fire as the densest parts of self dissolve and make way for the sound of the heart to shine forth accompanied by the song of the crystal singing bowls, light language and intonation.  Each month we align and work with the vibrational gift, coming under a different astrological sign, which offers a different lesson, blessing, connection to self, the Earth and to heavenly influences.

Join us in this sacred ceremony to align more to ‘being’ the light and change in your world. To meditate under the stars, around a fire and walk through the portal of the paper bark trees, to work with and open to the energies present, this is how we make the most of the Full Moon gift.

Please bring:

  • Any crystals you can carry to charge under the moon and contribute to the gathering.
  • If there is something you would like to let go of from the previous lunar month write it down and bring the piece of paper to burn in the fire.  Maybe a situation with a family member, an outworn business idea, an emotional way of being that you know it is time to merge and transmute.  Or maybe a vision you’ve held onto too tightly that needs an energetic lift; by surrendering it you are able to allow a new slant to come to the fore.
  • A wrap or jumper incase the sea and night air gets cool.
  • Cushion if you want one.
  • If we are at the Ocean a towel to sit on if you choose.
  • An open heart and the biggest smile.
Full Moon Meditation


Tracey thank you for a beautiful night last night giving thanks to the moon and to mother earth.You have an amazing gift of pure love straight from the heart.  I felt very blessed to have my teenage daughter (who is coming into her own power as a young woman) share with me such a beautiful night.  Thank you everyone for sharing such love & joy, we look forward to next month.  Debbie Lucus

Just home from the most amazing full moon meditation with Tracey Rhodes by a fireside with many nature spirits and aboriginal elders in spirit.  We had many bats flying over and a resident baby owl observing the initiation ceremony that Tracey officiated as we walked through the path of light.  It was a very special experience with the wind blowing forth the sounds of her crystal bowls and her toning.  Our group was very grateful to experience her very special blessing. Can’t wait for next full moon to see what she has planned.  Thank you so much Tracey.  Lisle 

Dates for 2018 Full Moon ceremonies are:

  • June 28th Thursday @ 6.15pm – Actual Full Moon time- 2.55pm
  • July 28th Saturday 6.15pm –Actual Full Moon time- 6.21am Eclipse
  • August 24th Sunday @6.15pm – Actual Full Moon time- 9.57pm
  • September 25th Tuesday @6.15pm -Actual Full Moon time- 12.55pm
  • October 25th Thursday @ 6.15pm -Actual Full Moon time- 3.46am
  • November 23rd Friday @ 6.45pm – Actual Full Moon time- 3.12pm
  • December23rd Sunday @ 6.30pm -Actual Full Moon time- 4.50a,


  • Time: 6.15pm – 7.45pm.
  • Golden Beach or the Ocean Depending on weather and Month – Bookings are essential.
  • Limited Seats only 22 available




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