Starchild Directive Sessions – Adults


The 33 new crystals of the  Earth help not only the Starchild but also the Parents, Grand Parents and Older Starchildren.  The remedies and take home products help to empower you with the understanding and protection you have always felt was missing.

Each session includes a consultation, exercises for you to do work with when ever you feel you need a little pick me up or are feeling under threat or in need of support.

You shall take home your own emblem, find out which of the 11 directives you are, your sacred geometrical shape to work with and a newfound inner peace and acceptance of life.

These remedies and consultations help you to feel safe and at peace, opening you more to intergalactic knowledge and wisdom. During this session we have a chat together to see what is happening with tin your life and assess what is taking mentally, emotionally and physically.

You are taken through and receive a couple of techniques and exercises to take away, which empowers you with new tools, that can be used at work or at home. This helps you to let go of pent-up stagnant emotions, thoughts and fears.

It is a beautiful gift to give to yourself the ultimate gift of self-love. The bonus is it helps you to understand why you do what you do.

Along with the exercises you take home:

  • A copy your Starchild Directive Emblem.
  • Emanation point (with picture) that house the records of the Directive.
  • Their geometrical shape to make up at home.
  • A star gate picture that they will know and feel safe and reassured from
  • The Gifts/Burdens of this Directive.
  • A meditation you can do at home, which is great for before bed.
  • An overview/picture of their Directive
  • The Planet and symbols of the Directive
  • The Geo Vehicle shape.
Prior to Consultation please share the following:
  1. Your full name (First, Middle and Surname)
  2. Date of birth
  3. Place of birth
    This is to ensure I have the suitable tools, exercises, pictures and emblems ready for you on arrival.

There are star child remedies that can be made up and taken for 21 days to see a permanent change, create a protective shield around them and help them to feel more comfortable and at home on the Earth and in their relationships.

Remedies begin from $20.

Testimonial: “Tracey, sending you a big THANKYOU for the wonderful Children of Light healing session we attended with you. My daughter Grace (9yrs old) has been a different child ever since – happy , calm and balanced. She absolutely loved her time spent with you and felt understood, special and loved.

She is very responsibly taking her Crystal Remedy drops and looks at her Starchild Directive Emblem and Stargate pictures at different times during the day. She tells me she feels “calm & peaceful” when she looks at them.

I myself am now looking forward to starting my liquid crystal remedy when it arrives in the post!

Again, thank you for introducing us both to this beautiful modality and for this gift that has been given to Grace.” Much love, Kate and Grace – Yeppoon – Central Queensland.

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