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You are held you in a dimension, in a ‘safe space’ that helps you to open and let go of what no longer serves you vibrationally. You have the opportunity heal at a cellular level by feeling and integrating the higher aspect of your fear or test. I guide you to empower yourself in everything I do. You are shown exercises to open your heart more, to connect with your spirit, to the light to your higher self.

You will be completely aware of what we are addressing and you will experience a deep soul understanding and inner knowing.
You are in a safe environment whether we are working on Skype or in person. I show you techniques to let go of what you are ready to surrender as I am your guide and you are your healer.

  • Peace of mind and a happiness leaves you feeling free
  • Greater clarity and vision for your life, setting you free from being stuck and boxed in by life
  • Release outworn thoughts and emotions allowing you to see your life in a happier and healthier way
  • Feel lighter, brighter and happier than ever before
  • Less chance of re-acting in an angry, negative way with those you love and or work with
  • Together we address issues such as
  • Past Life Issues – relationship problems that are connected with past life situations that need to be looked at from the very first time the two of you interacted
  • Generational Healing – I am sure you have heard the saying “You’re just like your Mother”, “You are as stubborn as your Father” or there has always been a money problem in your family you get the money then you loose it. This may be linked with generational threads in the DNA ingrained cellular memory. It only takes one person to cut the line in the lineage for the next generation and past generations to be freed.
  • Present day Karmic patterns – we get to a stage where we have cleared our karma however through denser vibrational thinking you create ne karma that needs to be re-written
  • Releasing Outworn Soul Contracts – soul contracts are contracts that we have made with another human being such as stating “I will never leave you, ever!” However when your journey has completed and you have done what you both needed to do together these outworn soul contracts keep you both stuck in an old energy unable to move forward, either together or separately.
  • Cellular Memory Upgrade – utilizing words, sound and activations with sound allows for an upgrade of the vibration within your cells so that you can move through the density and old habits helping to set you free.
  • Thought Field Therapy – sometimes we use TFT tapping therapy. This works on your meridians and moves the stagnant repetitive patterns through your system

Sound Bath and Amplification – I use sound to help you unlock discordant vibrations in your body systems, cells, mind and emotions. The vibration of instruments and intonation helps you to simply ‘let go.


I first started counseling at the ripe old age of 12 when Dad had finished playing Rugby League for Australia we moved into a hotel in Yeppoon. I remember it so clearly I was picking the plates in one of the bars and I saw and could feel the immense pain this lady was feeling. I sat down with her asking what was wrong and she proceeded to explain she had just broken up with her boyfriend (she was 24 or 25).

I felt this feeling of love, support and guidance flowing through me and I told her with absolute conviction “That everything was going to be ok, that she would find someone who treated her better very soon and will be happier that she had ever been before. All she had to do was let go of the pain and the man and she would be free to be happy.

I had obviously never had a relationship so this wasn’t coming from experience in the matter I just knew with all of my being that was I was saying was true and it was said with conviction, love and wisdom. 
What I didn’t now until many years later that that was the first time that Spirit used me as a channel to help counsel someone who was in pain and was feeling lost, destitute and alone. ”

I have since guided literally hundreds of people into feeling peaceful and more empowered to live their lives. I am grateful for my life, for my gift, my journey and for each one of you who share your life with me thank you.

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