This months Moon is in the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity and is one of the brightest Moons of the year. She is known as the Christ Full Moon and celebrates the anointing of the power of the spirit.  The actual FM is on Wednesday 30th May 2018 AEST 0.21am so our Full Moon Ceremony at Golden Beach will be on Tuesday at 6.15pm while the Moon is growing in light.
This kind of messed with my head because usually in May is Wesak but Wesak is when we have the Taurus Moon.
Next weeks Moon is in the Fire Sign of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and governing the celestial body. There comes an outpouring of spiritual power upon souls who withdraw into their innermost sanctuary and aspire to the quickening of the life force within and desire to be at one with the knowledge of the cosmos.
The gift of Mercury and Jupiter is a growing awareness of the powers of both light and darkness. Be aware of the thoughts that are whispering to you now are they real to you now or are they old leading to lack and scarcity and needed to be accepted and hence through acceptance dissolved and balanced.
The Great Archangels of these signs draw close asking us to arise in spirit and sound our true soul note.  Mercury’s Archangel is Raphael the angel of healing, ‘He who Heals’ and is mentioned in the Gospel of John, Book of Enoch, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  Raphael or ‘he who heals’ offers the grace of healing to all who open to this great beings blessing.  All that has eluded you may be seen, known and live within you in a flash, if you allow it.   Illness may dissolve through clear understanding of the power of Grace and acceptance of all.
Jupiter’s Archangel is Zadkiel the angel of ‘Mercy and Forgiveness’ asks you to forgive all especially self so that a new foundation for forward movement and expansion may take place.  Mercy and forgiveness is known through an open heart and expansion of consciousness through knowing you are part of the whole and never been separate.  Old memories dissolve and a new consciousness of compassion, mercy and grace is known. 
The blending of these two angels at this time ask us to allow your wisdom to be known within. Balance the old and the new, expand, heal and complete whats done with.  Love your light and shadow, blend the past, present and future as one open hearted gift called life.  All the while preparing us for the next outpouring of light at the Solstice.  
This is truly a magnificent moon blessing and to join in a group ceremony will align you all exponentially with these beings of light.
Be mindful of your nervous system and how busy or stale you are in movement both in the outer world and within.
Elizabeth Jones from Astocurrents monthly says:
  • Mars trines the Sun and sextiles the Moon bringing a dynamic and positive vibe to this FM that has the potential to make it easier to be open-minded, tolerant and accepting of our differences if we allow ourselves to tap into this energy.
  • This connection to Mars in Aquarius increases feelings of brotherly-sisterly love and may manifest in some tangible way.
  • Mercury trines Pluto in Earth signs which enhances curiosity and the spirit of inquiry. Now you won’t be satisfied with superficial answers or explanations.
  • A rare Grand trine in water signs between Venus in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces is a most benevolent influence increasing compassion, empathy and unconditional love which can assist you in gaining clarity about what it is you truly care about and that your soul is calling you to pursue. There is also a mystical vibe emanating from this aspect that increases your intuition and your capacity to connect with the inner realms, thereby accessing the truth of your higher self. This Grand trine also enhances and encourages all creative endeavors and projects.
  • Pay extra attention to any coincidences and synchronicities that take place as well as to your dreams and meditations as important messages may be seeking to get through to your conscious mind.
Questions to ask yourself now:
  • If I were to listen to my inner knowing what would it tell me?
  • What is the answer  to some challenge I’m facing that I’m not seeing?
  • Do I resist considering new options because it would take me in a new direction with unpredictable outcomes? If so, why?

So the gift of next weeks Full Moon is the opportunity to gain greater  clarity and or new insights into something that has thwarted your growth and forward movement. These new insights will liberate you from old patterns and ways of seeing yourself into a new way of being (if you choose).

Join me for our Full Moon Ceremony around a Fire, Under the Stars barefoot on the Earth with Sound, Selenite Swords, Crystal Singing Bowls, Drums and dance.

Tuesday 29th May 2018 at Golden Beach. ~ 6.15pm – 7.45pm ~ $20. Bookings essential.

So much love, peace and great strength to you.

Love Tracey xxx


First Full Moon of 2018 in Cancer

Can you feel the essence of this Full Moon culminating? Calling you to go within … to connect with your soul tribe, family or home.
We are experiencing great heat here on the Sunshine Coast it is as if ‘all’ is aligning for us to be still, swim in the Ocean (moon has great affect on the tides) and align to the call of the Feminine.
As a storm brews outside and the gentle rumble of thunder rolls in we are reminded of the changing of the guards, the need to be mindful of our emotions, as Uranus is getting ready to station direct and there are so many signs in the water element, emphasizing the emotions, feelings and impressions. Many may be ultra-sensitive and quite nostalgic to times that were easier, so stay well grounded.
Getting extra emphasis now are: Generational dynamics, ancestral lineage, children and/or parents, integrity and honesty, morals and ethics. Budgets, finances and security are also showing up for attention.
If you are feeling the call of the Moon feel free to join our Full Moon Ceremony this Tuesday evening at Golden Beach to dedicate some time to ushering in 2018.
There will be cleansing of fire and paperbark, water and tea tree, joining barefoot under the Moon around a fire and venturing through the portal of the paperbark trees.
Artwork by: maariusz.deviant
Artwork by: maariusz.deviant
We will be working with a Petrified Wood grid for past life embrace and bringing through Ancient Wisdom for our Modern day lives.
As the drums and other instruments begins, feel the song of light language, crystal singing bowls and intonation weave through you as the selenite swords dance and command a new way forward, with a remembrance and spiritual grace known. Ancient wisdom embraced, Akasha known and parts of self return.
Before you arrive if you choose, write that which you wish to release from 2017 and that which you wish to create or be for 2018 to throw in the fire. ~ You can also use a leaf or a twig to do the exact same thing, one to release and one to bring through, if you choose not to write it out.
6.45pm – 8.15pm
Bring some Water and a shawl just incase the ocean breeze picks up.
Drum if you choose.
Writing if you choose.
Hope to see you for our first FM Ceremony for 2018.
Bookings Essential as space is limited.
For some more information on this Moon, Elizabeth Jones says: There’s a Grand trine in the 3 water signs: Moon in Cancer, Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces is very positive in helping you to recognize and respond to your own emotional needs.
This potent water aspect also indicates that your intuition and subtle impressions are going to be more accurate and so worth noting. Be sure to look for symbols and messages in your dreams and especially upon waking on the 1st and the 2nd.
Neptune in Pisces is making several aspects which bring a surreal and very mystical energy to the air. Look for hidden meanings while paying attention to subtle shifts. This also enhances creativity.
There are four planets in pragmatic Capricorn reminding you to pay attention to the practical side of things as well as your intuition.
Happy New Year! 


Full Moon 12th January at 22 ̊27′ Cancer at 10.34pm AEST.

Whoo hoo welcome to the first Full Moon of the year!  Wow she’ll be a doozy as there is 5 planets involved in a rare Cardinal Grand Cross. This full on influence is sure to usher in another wave of change, sending us in potentially new directions personally, culturally, politically and in other ways as well.

In astrology a cross aspect can be hard to bare, think of Jesus on the cross carrying the weight o the world up the shoulders.  There are four planets in disharmony all wanting to have their say.  This one shall be saying find the power within and do so by honouring and respecting all.

Plus Mercury has just gone forward so hopefully you have taken some time to shine the light on what you need to do to move forward on your journey, but leave action time for a few days yet.

This Grand Cross consists of:

  1. Moon in Cancer 22 degrees very happy placement flowing, homely, gentle and loving. To feel deeply (remember others are doing so as well so tread gently).
  2. Jupiter in Libra 22 degrees expansion through the balance of the scales do so wisely.  Find balance through grace and beauty, expand in consciousness with mindful purity.
  3. Pluto in Capricorn 17 degrees.  Pluto into the depths to find the Saturnic balance necessary to come into the light.
  4. The Sun 22 degrees Capricorn for with life don’t get stuck or stagnant, wilful or seeing this only as black or white.
  5. Uranus in Aries 20 degrees shines the light on what Pluto brings up.  Break free from constraints and honouring your own individuality.

This Grand Cross can get us off our bum and moving forward or freaking out stressed and in turmoil, it just depends where all these signs and planets lay in your chart and how far you have come spiritually.

To me it is giving us an opportunity to rebalance, align and adjust and move forward along purpose with precision, wisdom and love.  So I hope it works this way for us all.

The gift this Full Moon: Spiritually it may become clear what must be eliminated in your life in order to embrace a higher potential that fulfils the next phase of your soul’s work, purpose and evolution.

Go deep within to access your inner wisdom and the willpower needed to make the changes in your life that will further align you with your soul’s purpose.

Elizabeth Jones from “Astro Currents Monthly” says “Jupiter is a key player in this FM chart which will magnify the energies and significance of whatever is going on though it may also blow things up out of proportion. There is a volatility surrounding this FM and strong emotions/passions are likely to be unleashed as emotions are close to the surface.

The higher frequency brings a rare kind of celestial energy that greatly encourages and supports positive expansion in some area of your life by opening you to see what is truly possible. The key to accessing this is to stay mindful of the opportunities and openings that may appear … some you may not have considered before.

Other areas that get additional focus now are: Generational dynamics, your ancestral lineage, children and/or parents, integrity and honesty, morals and ethics”.

If situations are taking place and you are ready to address generational dynamics, contact me for a private session to help assist in the repatterining of generational and past life healing.  Bookings can be made not my website or via Facebook Private Messages.

Things to remember during this Full Moon

  1.  Be aware of being impatient or impulsive.
  2. Resist taking bold or rash actions that may require further consideration.
  3. With Jupiter involved watch out for dogmatic and rigid beliefs.
  4. Be aware of as the Sun is in Capricorn watch the erratic and eccentric nature of this FM by reminding you to be measured and mature in your own reactions and behaviors even if forces present make it a challenge to do so.
  5. Simply slowing down your reaction time is a key to handling whatever situation you’re faced with now.
  6. Be careful what you say and do if you hurt or upset someone it may come back to bight you on the ???


  1.  Reflect upon the agreements and commitments you have made. Are you honouring them?
  2. Are there some that you have fulfilled and could let go of to make room for new ones that are perhaps more important to you going forward?
  3. Be a mentor, guide or teacher.
  4. Do I honour the inner knowing that I already possess? Or do I ignore it at times?
  5. Get moving in the direction of your purpose more.
  6.  It almost screams ‘Go big or go home!’ type of energy.
  7. See how far you have come on the spiritual path this Moon will shake up all and show you where there is more to do.
  8. Find the power within.

This Full Moon is a doozy and it is up to you how it plays out for you.  Be mindful of all you say and do, what you vibrate and the thoughts behind your actions.

What to do to work with this gift:

  1. Try to take the time each day over the next four days to balance each of these aspects within you.
  2. Work with each of the planets in the cross configuration by working with their energies, feel each one within you and see how you feel as you do.
  3. Do this by talking to them: ask each planet involved what is it they ask of you?  Then be still and listen … you will hear a word, receive a vision or a feeling that tells you what vibration you need to connect with.  The energy of the Planet or the lesson you need to learn from the planetary aspect shall make itself known all you have to do is ask and wait.
  4. Or maybe if you are a reader you may choose to read up on the planets and what they offer you on your journey of life then feel how you relate to what they bring as a whole.
  5. Then the night of the Full Moon (Thursday) go outside barefoot and bath in her silvery/white blessing, breathe her in … become one with her and all she offers in harmony.
  6. Join me at Golden Beach for a Full Moon Meditation/Activation to align with this blessing and bring light to that which is ready to be known.  Click here to read more about the meditation at Golden Beach.

What ever you do know it is a time for conscious realisation of how you act and react at times of stress.  There is no right or wrong but each time aspects like these arise it is an opportunity to step into more.

Keep Shining Oprah Image

Love Tracey xxx


We all know that 2016 has offered us some amazing gifts of completion, healing, awakening and enlightenment to a specific degree.   2017 is offering us a year of new beginnings, new visions, new loves and new creations that may fulfil your heart, mind and soul.

Thursday 29th December 2016 at 5.54pm is the New Moon in Capricorn.  Capricorn’s ruler is Saturn and helps us to ‘build’ into the physical realm a stronger foundation for the next cycle.

Whether it is a business, relationship with others or yourself you are being asked to ensure the foundation of your life is solid.  Change what is calling you to change, build on what is ready to grow and surrender that which is now outworn.

If you already have an established business or you are starting anew look at the foundational structure of it.  Where is it ready to be built upon so it may grow?  What can be let go of to ensure the foundation is sturdy and the walls can be erected straight and strong.

Take some time to listen and open to your souls voice that which is calling you to birth into this world.  How can you make a difference?  How can you serve better your tribe?

It doesn’t have be a grandiose plan where you single handed change the world, it could just be that you are here to shine love, peace and harmony to the world (which my friend will change the world).  Take the steps to consciously do this each day.

No longer hold onto the old world ways of seeing, being, reacting and creating.  Step through the portal into a new way of being and the Golden Age of Light, taking the ‘real’ you forward.

The next dimensional portal is open; which ever dimension, that is for you.  You must however accept all you have faced, been, seen, experienced and done for the guardian to grant access.

Saturn says ‘Learn your lessons well’ and as we have both the Sun and saturnserpent-storm the Moon in this sign (New Moon) we are being asked to do so NOW!  Blame no more, seek no more, delve no more just surrender to all that is and be YOU … the true you, that is both light and dark, masculine and feminine and let the SUN shine through you and into your world.

Visualisation/Meditation/Activation BRIDGE OF LIGHT Exercise:

Take 3 deep breaths and see before you a bridge of selenite white light.  As you walk across the bridge you are etherically illumined with selenite white light and you know just what to do to enter.

As you walk you are greeted by the guardian of the dimension you are about to leave and a mirror is placed before you.  As you gaze upon this mirror of truth you accept all you have experienced, seen and done, setting everyone and everything free.

The guardian asks you to sound the note of your soul to gain access to the next dimension.  Let your soul note be gently heard from your heart.  Breathe.

Write a symbol upon the ether and you shall be granted access to either the dimension you are in or the next one depending on where you are at this stage of your journey.

Worry not if you were granted access or not … take four steps forward and KNOW you are where you need to be right now.  As you look down you are hovering in a cloud of white light, supported, loved and nurtured, freed from the constraints of the past.

Open your heart and your mind – feel renewed and anew with all you are – allowing Spiritual Guidance to guide you as you step into the next stage of your journey.

Breathe more deeply integrating all you have received into the cells of your physical body through breath.

Do this excericse once a day for the next 3 days until January 1st 2017 and see where it takes you.



Thank you to each and everyone of you for joining me on the 2016 journey, for the love, support and joy you have shared.

May 2017 be the year we all begin anew and remember who we are and why we are here.

Much love, great strength and keep shining, Oprah Image

Love Tracey xxx

See you soon. x


Wow can you believe another month has nearly passed? Next week we have another Full Moon on Sunday 16th October 2016 at 3.24pm at 23 ̊ Aries. The Gift of this Full Moon is discovering where your life is out of balance, while also being given ‘keys’ to bring it back into balance.

Wow can you believe another month has nearly passed? Next week we have another Full Moon on Sunday 16th October 2016 at 3.24pm at 23 ̊ Aries.

I have always said being aware of the cycles of the moon empowers us to flow with life and helps us to understand the underlying effects of what is taking place energetically often at an unconscious level.

If we know what is going on around us we have a much better chance of working with the situation and not against them.

Its energy will be dynamic, so your emotions and feelings may be stronger and your reactions more immediate than usual. Keep in mind this will also be true for other people around you so be gentle with them and more accepting of their moods.

Something that has perplexed or confused you may now be revealed or discovered, showing you the way forward.

 Questions to consider that can help you to attune to the energies present at this time:

  1. Do you react from old belief patterns and ways of being or do you weigh the scales fairly when conflict arises conflicts and view the opposite viewpoints?
  2. Do you allow yourself to give and receive?
  3. Are you taking care of your own needs, desires and wants?
  4. Is it time to stand up for your self in some way?
  5. Do you allow others to support and nurture you?

Areas highlighted by this Full Moon is:

Relationships and partnerships: You could find yourself having conversations you wished you didn’t have to, as topics may arise in relation to the direction your relationships are going in.

The questions may be whether both parties are being honored, respected, supported and heard. Or maybe how safe you feel and how much freedom you both have to express freely inside and outside the relationship.

Situations like this may take a while to resolve, however the issues that arise are important and need to be addressed, so try not to discourage the conversation, have the courage to delve in and complete what ever needs to be addressed, lovingly and gently.

Awareness is often the 1st step towards resolution!

Some say there are two dicey aspects taking place now, I say there are two major opportunities to come in alignment with a couple of dicey aspects.

Mars is conjunct Pluto; which can bring discord and conflict if not kept in check. Being so intimately connected with the creative force, Pluto like Mars, gives a strong urge for self-expression, adventure and fresh enterprise. It gives courage, energy independence and drive.

Take stock of how you communicate this is not the time for fueling fires that are already present, that can lead to name calling, finger pointing and blame. Step into the higher aspect of the situation and resolve with dignity and wisdom.

Mars the planet of the leader, the warrior, and is an instrument of the solar fire brought into physical manifestation. Pluto is the doorkeeper of the mysterious gateway between two worlds between life and death … death and rebirth.

Pluto takes you into the deepest darkest depths of yourself to bring awareness to it and Mars gives you the courage to create and move forward in the physical plane.

If you work with the higher aspect of this conjunction you have an opportunity to understand on every level of your being the reason for it, to sit in it, feel it, then move your way through it … free from any attachment to it. A great mantra for this time is “I Will to will the will of God!”

Uranus is conjunct the Moon; which is erratic and unpredictable in nature. Given both these signs are nebulous and free flowing it is important that you stay grounded, centered and not over-react to what is taking place around you.

How you interact with people who have opposing views/opinions/stances is a potential issue now. The goal is to discover new ways of dealing with these kinds of situations by being mature, patient, and responsible even if those involved are not. Truly a chance to evolve and grow!

These two aspects are generating a lot of intense energy for sure. Plus Mars and Pluto are squaring Mercury, the planet that rules communication; so again take extra care with your words and especially your tone of voice.

Whenever Pluto is involved what resides in the subconscious may rise to the surface without you even being aware of it!  So strive to create harmony rather than conflict and seek to restore balance to some area of your life. This is your way to get through this period unscathed.

To make the most of this auspicious and sacred Full Moon and you are on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland please join me for our Full Moon Celebration Sound Bath around a Fire Under the Stars it shall be held at Golden Beach.

Saturday 15th October 2016. Bookings Essential as limited seating available.  http//:www.traceyrhodes.com/services/full-moon-meditation/

6.45pm – 8.15pm

Exchange: $20

Keep Shining,

Love Tracey xxx

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Integrate the Real You ~ While the Lion Gate Portal is Open with FREE MP3 & Last call for India.

This time offers your great acceleration in integrating your souls purpose, light and path. Download my FREE MP3 and last chance to look at attending my Ayurveda India Retreat.

Lion Gate Portal & a New Cycle

What a magical time of year it is indeed.  I am sure you have heard of the Lion Gate Portal that began to open on the 26 July 2016, culminates on the 8th August 2016 and closes on the 12th August 2016.

This time offers your great acceleration in integrating your souls purpose, light and path.  You have the opportunity to access light codes, light pockets, messages you left for you before incarnation; to receive NOW, that shall help to propel you forward.

All that is that available to you now is a reawakening of you, the real you.  All you have to do is take the time to be still and go within.  Ask to enter the portal upon sleeping or when you are conscious and retrieve the information that is yours to bring back … Call it in, anchor it, allow it and be it.

Do not let outer distractions stop you from truly integrating more of you into your being.  Breathe and consciously integrate all that is necessary to fulfil your life at purpose at this time of your evolution.

You have everything within you, all the knowledge of the universe and your ‘knowing’ of your life’s purpose.  We now step into a new 8 year cycle, so be clear with your intentions and creations for they are real.

New beginnings are available in all areas of your life, open your arms, heart and spirit to them.  Accept all that you are here to do, be all you came here to be, no longer allow fear or old programming to hold you from your purpose.  Take your rightful place my friend and ‘BE who you came here to BE’.

As a gift at this special time I have a FREE MP3 called ‘Clear Quartz Temple of Purity’ click the link below my sign off to download.  And feel free to open my Ayurveda India trip link to have a look at coming to India with me this September.  There is roughly only 10 more days left to be in the safe zone to apply for your visa.

Ayurveda India Retreat Link

Keep Shining and much love to you.

Love Tracey 

Knowing Spirit, Soul & Earth!



This weeks Full Moon is on Wednesday at 8.57am and in the sign Capricorn at 27 degrees 40’.

The crystal of the day is Black Obsidian according to The Liquid Crystal Oracle book, which offers us the simple purpose of ‘True Self Reflection’.

What happens when we gaze upon a lake at the time of the Full Moon? A complete reflection of above and below can be seen. If the wind is still and the lake left untouched the reflection is in perfect symmetry and balance. If the wind is blowing there are ripples on the water showing a distorted vision of the picture.

This also happens within us if our mind (air) is unruly and blowing out of control the picture we are seeing is distorted. But when we our mind is still, calm and peaceful we can find clarity and peace.

This moons gift is showing us true self-reflection in our home/family life and work/career aspect of our being. It shall highlight anything that is out of balance asking you to truthfully assess what needs to change.

It shall help to expand your vision beyond the present and to see the long-range picture of your decisions and actions made at this time.

Cancer asks you to look at where you are standing (your home base) while Capricorn asks you to look at the direction you are headed. Hence, these two signs are very much about the road you are on.


So the day of the full moon as mentioned before falls on Black Obsidian ~ true self reflection, the following day after the Full Moon again from Justin Moikeha Asar and The Liquid Crystal Oracle book is Celestite and preparing for us to experience the energy of the next dimensional crystals that sing their song within the Earth only once a year.

I feel this Full Moon on the 20th July is very sacred in helping us to ‘know’  through true ‘self-reflection’ the changes we need to make to be on our correct path in relation to home/work life balance.

From the gift of Celestite (Knowing) on the 21st July the next four days offers us access to another perspective of accessing other dimensions and bringing them into reality. Then on the 25th of July we celebrate the Mayan Calendar ‘Day out of Time’.celestite

Those four days leading up to day out of time is ushered and helping us to live in purer way is Elestial Quartz (Angelic Truth), Dioptaise (The Healing Heart), Peach Calcite (Harmonize), Garnet (Manifestation of Purpose) and then the Mayan Day out of Time.

Day Out of Time

The day out of time is the Mayan New Year’s Eve it is the last day of the galactic year, meaning that of the 13 moons per year in a 28 day cycle, totals 364 days. The Gregorian calendar has 365 days so the 25th July is extremely sacred and timeless.

The Day Out of Time re-aligns the 13 Moon calendar to the solar year and offers us the opportunity to renew our appreciation for our inherent divinity and connection to nature.

The Mayan Kin says, “One Year equals to 365 days, the time it takes the Earth to orbit around the Sun. The cycle of the moon orbiting around the Earth is 28 days,

The 13 Moon Calendar is based on 13 moons of 28 even days per solar cycle + 1 day of transition (13×28 = 364+1). The 28 days per moon are divided in 4 weeks of 7 days each, giving 52 even weeks per year.

The original 13 moons x 28 days cycle was also used by the Egyptians (Thoth), Druids, Polynesians, Incas, some Native Americans and the Chinese”.

The day out of time represents the transition between the old and the New Year. As July 25 does not belong to any moon or week in the 13 Moon Calendar, this day is an opportunity to truly experience timelessness, our freedom of being alive. We are invited to reflect, meditate, practice forgiveness, and prepare ourselves for the new cycle.

Join me for meditation/activations this Full Moon to enhance the blessings of this sacred week.

As you well know each month we meditate at the time of the Full Moon outside around a fire, under the stars, with crystal singing bowls and sound at Golden Beach.Full Moon Meditation

This month’s Full Moon is extremely sacred and such a special gift.  If you would like to join us please contact Tracey as there are only a few seats left.

We shall address our inner journey thus far with true self reflection, helping us to know what to do and how to find greater balance, harmony and further our spiritual path with the knowing of what to do next.

I hope to see you this week click here to see more about our Full Moon Activations

Keep Shining 246crop

Much Love


Knowing Spirit, Soul & Earth!

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

For us to address that which no longer serves, is heavy or holding us in a state of confusion and separation we need to go within and balance and accept all of us.

So what happens when you are unsure of where you are going and what you are doing?

You run a story around and around in your head bringing it into physicality creating and illness if you leave it to run your show.

Well my friend you simply let go!  It is in the not knowing that true freedom comes in.  It is where you are in the space of silence and stillness (if you can get your mind into subservience) where all dreams, desires and failings just simply disappear.

You have the opportunity to come into alignment with your soul and your reason for being.

The New age or the Aquarian Age is about feeling and the emotions, no longer allowing the mind to take dominion nor another mind to have dominion over you.  When our mind has an agenda or it feels it need to protect you we loose our ability to feel our way through life?

To let go or release is not done by pushing something away or getting rid of energy.  But it is the opportunity to accept, feel, acknowledge and balance the attachment to the feeling of it.  And it is in the letting go of the attachment that surrender becomes real and tangible.

So how do you do this?

Let go, go within, and be still in body, emotions and mind.  Feel into the pain, sadness, betrayal, judgment, fear, separation, lack or scarcity.  By feel it I don’t mean get stuck in it, I mean to feel the emotion as much as you do the thought or the story from you and others.

Ask yourself what is it that I need to address?

Questions: May I dissolve the story and see the truth behind the emotion that I am not seeing, feeling or experiencing?

Then sit in the energy of it, not for days, weeks, years or decades but for as long as it takes to truly feel it and release it, hopefully minutes or hours.

Ask your animus (lower self) what is it you need to address?  Where is it housed in your body or bodies?   Pinpoint the exact spot the vibration is held.  Is there a word or sound that is needs to be spoken or are you just to feel your way into peace?  Ask these questions then let go of knowing with your mind and feel it with your heart.

Then bring the light from your spirit into the shadow aspect of you, your fear … Sit in it.  Send the light, which is love and acceptance through every cell, thought, and emotion, fear not with your mind but with your heart.

Send the light through your bodies: your etheric, emotional and mental, hold onto nothing.  Breathing all the while allowing the flow of movement with breath to unravel and release the attachment.

Surrender all attachment to an outcome, breathe … let go and be free.

Your life is in your hands no one and nothing has power over you, it is through surrender to your spirit that true healing takes place.  Don’t waste lifetimes; years or decades it is time to set yourself free right now!

To understand what is takining place with Mars in Scorpio I have shared an extract from – Elizabeth Jones Astocurrents Monthly

Mars is in Scorpio all month.

Mars www.telegraph.co.uk

This increases your capacity to go deep within and to delve below the surface.   Scorpio rules those things of an arcane and occult nature, taking you into the deepest depths of you and Mars here can forge ways for you to tap into these.  Mars is the warrior, leader and fearlessly goes forward to uncover what is needed at this time.

Mars “parallel” Saturn…what does it mean?

Mars has been retrograde since mid-April and during that time there was this deep, inner process running in the background of your psyche exploring what you truly want, need and desire at this point in your life.

It went direct on 29th of June and set the stage for these to begin to surface. Have you noticed that something is emerging now and it’s possibly going to change your life.

In July and August, some important questions come up in both direct and indirect ways, such as:

Did you find what you were looking for?
Did you get a look at some shiny possibility that you feel would bring you happiness or contentment or peace or maybe that would rekindle your passions?
For now it’s time to discover, or rediscover these very things.
In the weeks to come your task is to let these rise to the surface of your consciousness and then to place a greater focus on them…in essence to breathe life and bring light into the “treasures” that Mars helped to bring up from your subconscious in the last few weeks.

August brings a pretty intense aspect called Mars conjunct Saturn and because of the way it’s configured it will bring challenges as well as some big realizations that something’s going on here and that something’s gotta give.

This month, in July, there is a subtle yet potent ramping up happening of these energies (astrologically this is called “Mars and Saturn are parallel all month”. This suggests that the energies are starting to be felt but in less overt ways.

Those of you who are particularly sensitive may feel this as a low level anxiety, being overwhelmed at times and yet also sensing that something soulful and significant is trying to get your attention. This is indeed an important aspect of this influence…to bring breakthroughs and even profound insights to your awareness but this process has the potential to be quite disruptive as we

In July, during the “ramp up” phase, take note of anything that keeps popping into your mind as it.

Have a wonderful July dear ones, keep warm in Australia and shine like you have never shined before.

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Amplify, Activate & Shine! 

Heart Breaking Open Through Surrender

When the walls are breaking down around you, not from chaos but in total surrender, you come to a place of inner stillness, peace and acceptance for all that is.

When the walls are breaking down around you, not from chaos but in total surrender, you come to a place of inner stillness, peace and acceptance for all that is.

You no longer need to hold onto anything or anyone, for you know at the deepest depths of your being, all you are here to do is to serve. Not just humanity but all creation, all life, throughout all time and space, to bring unity and unification back to an unbalanced heart and mind.

This may sound large, out-there or impossible but it is not my friend as it all starts with you. No longer hold onto that which has passed; no longer hold onto the part of you, you wish the world to see. Open you heart beyond comprehension, and as is breaks open in absolute surrender you simply allow yourself to be.

There comes a time in our lives where the veils of illusion are lifted and you stand raw in the rawness of love. There is nothing you can do but surrender and walk forward in humility, faith and love.

The tears you are crying are not of sadness, but of great peace and an inner joy.  The absolute gift of love has torn you wide open, not through pain … but in pure and absolute joy.

Breathe and surrender to the new breath that is within you and breathe it forth for humanity to unfold.  The illusion of the Piscean Age has lifted and the truth of the Aquarian Age is disclosed. Stand raw, bearing all of you without hesitation, for my friend you can hide no more.


metamorphosing addictionse copy

Over the coming days allow yourself time to be still and go within … breathe, feel surrender and be who you are.  Allow the shadow of your mind to slip through the veil so you may now see truly your one true path.  Then journey one step at a time in measured steps into the greta unknown.

This post was inspired by the picture I added below from a Facebook post that touched my heart greatly today.  It had left me weeping in surrender and pure joy for love.  This post that was written by Manly. P. Hall and posted by Justin Moikeha Asar and Ancient Knowledge.

It has unlocked a part of me that has been missing and I pray it shall do the same for you.    Although I have known the below words with my mind for 20 or so years, today I can say I truly ‘KNOW’ it, in the inner most being of my heart.


Posted by Ancient Knowledge & Justin Moikeha Asar
Posted by Ancient Knowledge & Justin Moikeha Asar


We have the wisdom of the universe within. It is time for us to remember and serve the greater good as in days gone by.
Travel to distant lands, reclaim your wisdom, open to all that is that is within. Surrender the the divine plan … Dissolve all fear and illusion .. And live as we once have … Gods in human form.  We can no longer ignore the deepest and greatest parts of ourselves it is time to do something different and take our rightful place in the scheme of humanities unfoldment.

As my heart is overflowing with love I would like to offer six private sessions either in person or on Skype from the 1st April to the 7th of April 2016 in the true spirit of service for $90 instead of $105.  If you would like to be one of the six please contact me at the contact link below with the discount code of “HEART WIDE OPEN” along with your telephone number and I shall call you to schedule your place.  Read more on my Private Sessions


   Keep Shining 

   All my Love,

   Tracey xxx




Wow what a month this is going to be.

There are 4 important influences taking place this month, each one opens us up energetically to the next.
1. We have a New Moon Solar Eclipse this Wednesday the 9th
2. The Equinox on the 20th
3. The Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse on 23rd in Libra
4. Then Easter – on the 25th


The 2 eclipses are energetically preparing, aligning and leading us to the outpouring of light, which takes place at Easter.
The last time this eclipse formation took place was in February 1998. So take a moment to think about what was taking place in your life in February 1998.

Ask yourself
• What were you doing?
• Where were you living?
• Who were you with? How was the relationship?
• How are your relationships today?
• What opportunities did you have?
• What are you doing differently at this stage in your life?

This New Moon/Solar Eclipse is potent for several reasons,
• It may present special opportunities to bring important cycles to a close while embarking on new ones.

• You may receive important insights or pieces of information that are essential before you can move forward into the next cycle beginning at the equinox on the 20th.

• It is conjunct the South Node indicating that a karmic completion may be at hand, releasing old patterns and bringing you what you have been asking for this past year.

• There may be sadness or grief associated with this, but releasing the sadness can bring you what you truly want and need.
• These themes will remain in play for about the next six months until the next solar eclipse in September.

This month’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is on the 23rd March and shall help to bring your attention to areas where you’re ready to discover new things about yourself and those around you.

  • • It is occurring in the signs of Aries and Libra bringing extra emphasis to your relationships and partnerships.
    • It will be a time of potent change forging a pathway for you to break free of compulsive patterns.
    • It is asking us to be fully honest with ourselves and with others, but using diplomacy and tact while doing so.
    • There’s a kind of magic in the air this month so stay open to however that may manifest in your life!
    Some things to consider are:
    • Where were you when the solar year began last March 20th and where you are now?
    • What was your primary focus then and what is it now?
    • What do you need to let go of in order to move on?

At the time of the Full Moon if you are on the Sunshine Coast feel free to come to our Meditation Full Moon Lunar Eclipse around a Fire, Under the Stars with Sound.    Click here to see more


Easter’s gift is the resurrection or the Christing of the Soul.  It is the opportunity to be so filled with light that you are radiant and illumined.  It  demonstrates the power of the light within, and the ability to transfigure, transform & irradiate matter.

Eastertide is a celebration of life, an awakening from materiality into the beauty and wonder of spiritual life – not after death of the physical body but whilst we are still in the physical body.

It  is a time of sweet surrender to the light and beauty of the spirit; and with this surrender comes a great outpouring from the Sun.

At the time of Easter do take time to radiate the light within by going into the flame at your heart, feeling, seeing and knowing that within the flame is the essence of all creation.

Whilst feeling and building the warmth and love within, send forth the light to every particle of your being.  Send it to your physical, emotional and mental bodies, organs, and every cells.

Take the time to be still, silent and peaceful;, not just at Easter but every day.

Keep Shining  246crop

Love Tracey xxx