Alchemical Guidance

Turning Base Metal into Gold ~ Weekly Meditation/Activations & Guidance Session.

Alchemical Guidance is weekly online spiritual self-development sessions.  We shall work with alchemical magic of turning base metal into gold, and opening to the mystic within.

As we work each session allows your specific gift to flower; whilst fine tuning the others; be it your inner vision, sense of hearing, smell, touch, ability to meditate and inter-dimensional travel.  I believe it is time for us all to really come into the wisdom of self, to trust the inner voice and really be who we came here to be.  Each session is between 10 minutes and 30 minutes, so they are short and sweet but certainly pack a powerful punch.

You are a magician that has all the magic within and many lifetimes you have polished the rough ashlar of your soul.  These sessions are to help enhance your spiritual gifts so that you remember the powerful being that you are and trust more fully in your intuitive powers, inner light and magical essence.  They are healing and enlightening opening you to your own wisdom.

We are our own healers, teachers and counsellors so by honing in on each sense opening to ones truth ‘practice makes perfect’.  Assist vibrationally to be the purest and best that you can be.  These guidance and mentoring sessions shall help to:

  • Amplify your inner vision, heart and soul powers.
  • Learn state of the art tools and techniques to strengthen the light within you.
  • Develop creative rituals and habits that support your lifestyle and vision for your future.
  • Be spiritually supported as you grow.
  • Be spiritually grounded and spiritually attuned.

Join me online once a week to download your online MP4  where we work on enhancing your spiritual gifts by working with one subject.

  1. Perform a quick mediation/activation to align with the weeks journey.
  2. There is a Private Facebook Page that offers constant support and enables you to connect to like minded souls who are on the same journey as you.
  3. Ask a question or ideas for a problem or situation in your life.

These subjects shall vary depending on the sense we are working with or action we are focussing on: psychic visionsense of sound (hearing and working with your own inner spirit or guides).  Another week we shall work with the sense of ‘feeling’  by feeling into the energy of a place, vibration, sound, tarot card or coloured rays.  We shall enhance all the senses to become an extra-sensory beings.  By fine tuning your senses you become a clearer and purer channel.

If you are clairsentient we shall share tips and guidance for you to feel safe and not fear the energies of others and understand why your feel as you do.

If you are clairaudient we shall hone your sense of hearing so that you have a greater ability to find the truth in what you receive from your Guides, Angels and Masters.

If you are clairvoyant or have clear vision we shall work on enhancing your visualizations, visions and inner guidance, knowing.

We shall work on opening the senses more to enhance your ability to be a purer channel.  Practice gives confidence and confidence allows you to step more fully into your reason for being.

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The best thing is you do this all from your own home!

There is no travelling time and total freedom. You can come on and listen to the recording any time  that is suitable for you , you are not locked in to any time frame, you can join for 1 month or 2 years it is up to you how long you stay on the journey.

This is great for busy people who wish to enhance their spirituality, with optimal support, guidance and growth.

As you open more to your inner wisdom, truth, light and love, you change the vibration or heal aspects of self; which really means to acknowledge and know all of you.


During our weekly sessions, we shall touch on topics such as:

  • Learning the essence and working with the energies of a specific card from different card decks such as Alleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot (pictures above), Doreen Virtues Angels Cards and others. We shall dissect each card and knowing the essence that this card brings up for you enhancing your ability to give a reading for yourself or another.  (Note you do not need to own these packs there shall be a picture of them on our Facebook Private Page for you to work with).
  • Autonomic writing, light language and channeling higher vibrational beings.
  • Connect with the vibrational gift from an animal and or specific energetic centre on the Earth.
  • Work with coloured rays, sacred geometry, crystalline healing, astrology, distant healing, earth healing, aura strengthening and how all this feels, the visions you receive so that you instinctively know what and when to use a specific energy for a specific purpose.
  • We shall also delve into working with your shadow self for complete acceptance of self.  doing this allows all you are to flower and the true essence and balance within you is known.

This is a self development class that enhances your spiritual gifts so you can help yourself, family members or add tools to an existing spiritual practice.

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You shall have access to the downloadable MP4 by lunchtime Tuesday of every week, so you can at a convenient time and keep the recording forever.

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Join me for only $11 per week online and stay in the group for as long as you choose, stay as long as you choose on a month to month basis leave when ever you wish to or stay forever.

Connect in a in a Private Facebook Page where you can communicate and assist others on their journey sharing your wisdom, asking questions and supporting each other.

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About Tracey

I have been blessed to spend 18 years studying in Modern Day Mystery School in the Hinterlands of Maleny. And the greatest blessing I have received from there is the ability to know how to connect strongly to the Divine, the spirit within and being of service through sending forth of light.

Knowing how to amplify the light (love) within your physical, enables you to truly ‘be’ a pure channel of divine service. Knowing how to anchor the light into the very cells of your physical body purifies your being and opens you to being more of service to your family, clients and friends.

Tracey has learned contact healing, absent healing, sacred geometry, astrology, sending for the the light and aromatherapy at The White Eagle Lodge.    She is a Liquid Crystals,  Starchild Directive, and Shadow Chaser Series practitioner with the Liquid Crystals and Justin Moikeha Asar.

Tracey uses crystal singing bowls, sound and light language for spiritual development and healing and is a practicing Selenite swords healer with Tom Ledder.  She has studied under Doreen Virtue and won a scholarship with Janet Attwood in 2013.

Fine tuning ‘ALL’ of your senses helps to create a vision and spiritual flow that cannot be broken, plus it helps to balance your reactions to what happens in your environment and empowers you to be an extrasensory being.

‘Commitment and consistency’ makes us ‘spiritually fit’ and ‘practice makes perfect’ so I invite you to join me once a week for spiritual and psychic development online, either live or listen to the downloadable MP4 recording at anytime.

Allow your intuitive petals to flower as a new divine space unfolds within. Surrender to the magic you are by unveiling your psychic and spiritual gifts, as you open more to your own wisdom, love and power within.

Come more fully into the wisdom of self, trust your inner voice and really be who we came here to be. We are our own healers, teachers and counsellors so by honing in on each ‘sense’ you open completely to your truth.

These weekly sessions polish the rough ashlar of the soul and help you to know yourself. They are healing, enlightening, freeing and true guidance of going within, trusting yourself and building your power so nothing can touch you. Receive guidance and gifts from the sacred mystery school training I have received.

To Join:

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  4. Download your MP4 recording and listen as often as you choose.

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My Gift to you is this Sound & Light Language Meditation/Activation.